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  • 31 Diet Tips for Weight Loss

    31 Diet Tips for Weight Loss0

    When one part of the society faces the challenge of dealing with people having a disorder of anorexia, another portion worries about how they could lose the extra fat accumulated on their body. This is the scenario of the world at two extremes when it comes to a malfunctioning health. What could possibly be the

  • 15 Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

    15 Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss0

    Exercising regularly helps in shedding those extra pounds gained over time most of the times. Cardio exercises are very important if one wishes to reduce weight. However, a very small percentage of the entire population on earth who are overweight seem to go to gyms and health clubs for the same purpose or are found

  • 21 Tips- How to Lose Belly Fat

    21 Tips- How to Lose Belly Fat0

    In the busy world of today, people hardly have time to think about living the healthy way. They get so occupied each day juggling between work and family that going to the gym or joining a local community focusing for workout sessions, or eating clean food, does not usually come into the picture. They stay