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15 Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

15 Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercising regularly helps in shedding those extra pounds gained over time most of the times. Cardio exercises are very important if one wishes to reduce weight. However, a very small percentage of the entire population on earth who are overweight seem to go to gyms and health clubs for the same purpose or are found

Exercising regularly helps in shedding those extra pounds gained over time most of the times. Cardio exercises are very important if one wishes to reduce weight. However, a very small percentage of the entire population on earth who are overweight seem to go to gyms and health clubs for the same purpose or are found on the pathways jogging or walking as a part of their workout routine.

The reason why not everyone is ready to start exercising at a point of time is because they are shy of doing cardio workouts in front of others. Sometimes they become too conscious of their appearance and thus make excuses in going out for a run. Or during other times, it is the cold weather that does not let them drag themselves out of the bed early in the morning.

However, yoga is one such form of workout which has multiple benefits and can be done within the walls of one’s home as well although people who practice yoga enjoy doing it outdoors as well on a lawn, garden, or balcony-like places. It has been successfully proven that yoga not only helps in the process of weight loss but also in maintaining good health physically as well as mentally.

Advantages of Yoga

Yoga was derived from the ancient times of the country of India. It is known to have been at first practiced only by the rishis or saints who lived only a holy life surrendering all earthly pleasures of the world. As years went by, yoga became accepted as a type of workout which provides a lot of benefits to the person practicing it in terms of physical health as well as mental well being.

Some of the merits of practicing yoga can be mentioned in brief as:

  • It improves the strength of bones in the human body. Thus risks of osteoporosis can be evaded as most of the postures make the people lift their own weight.
  • The risk of heart diseases is lessened by practicing yoga as the body becomes ready to be active all the time.
  • It reduces the chance of high blood pressure. The Savasana or corpse pose is known to help in this purpose.
  • Yoga helps in fighting stress and stress related problems.
  • It gives a good posture to the body of the person performing the exercise. It helps in lessening strain on the spine by enabling correct posture of sitting. Fatigue can also be avoided through the practice of yoga.
  • It boosts red blood cell count and hemoglobin thus improving blood flow. The various inverted as well as twisting and turning postures involved in this ancient form of exercise help in squeezing out impure blood out of the internal organs and oxygenate blood flow.
  • Yoga helps people in losing weight. This knowledge is still on its track of gaining popularity.
  • It also helps in toning of the body. This is because yoga is observed as a combination of both cardio as well as strength exercises.
  • Body balance can be improved by doing yoga as different postures are held in the same position for various time frames.
  • People practicing yoga sleep well at nights. The whole body feels relaxed at the end of the day and thus aiding in a good sleep.
  • Digestive issues like constipation and colon cancer can be avoided because food transportation through the body is made better and also, waste removal from the bowels is made easy too.
  • Breathing manner is improved thus resulting in good health of the lungs as the pattern of intake of fresh air and filtering it, becomes better.
  • Pain can be reduced with respect to ailments like arthritis and back pain; this in turn helps a person to stay active.
  • Practice of yoga helps in avoiding depression. The peaceful approach of this exercise helps in letting in good thoughts all the time.

15 Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Yoga is believed to be a routine which when practiced helps in the positive transformation of the person from in and out. A large percentage of the population of the world is yet to understand that a healthy way of shedding those extra pounds can be achieved through yoga. Mentioned below are 15 yoga exercises for weight loss.

  1. Sarvangasana

It is also called as the Shoulder Stand. It is known to not only improve digestion, but also stimulates thyroid glands and abdominal organs. Legs and butt area can also be toned by doing this asana.

  1. Virabhadrasana

Also known as the Warrior Pose, it is the traditional form of modern day strength training. It is beneficial on the terms that it stretches the belly, lungs and chest, and also strengthens the legs as a whole concentrating on the thighs, calves and ankles. It also helps in strengthening the muscles at the back. This pose has more than one variation.

  1. Ardha Chandrasana

The half moon pose for starters relieves the person of stress. It is a good exercise to improve balance of the body as it involves strengthening majorly the thighs, spine, buttocks and abdominal region. It also improves digestion.

  1. Shalabhasana

This asana is vital in helping with stretching and strengthening of the body parts like shoulders, belly and chest. Basically the upper body is concentrated on in this pose. In this manner, it is also known to stimulate the organs at the abdominal area. Relief from stress is another benefit of this exercise. Posture can also be corrected or improved through this form.

  1. Pavanmuktasana

This asana is also called the Wind-Releasing Pose because of the benefit derived from it in connection with stimulating the organs at the abdomen which result in improving digestive activities. This way it avoids or reduces the problem of constipation in people. Thus, digestion related functioning of the body becomes more efficient. It also helps in cutting down the fat in the area pertaining to the abdominal region.

  1. Garudasana

The Eagle Pose does stretching of the upper body and strengthening of the lower parts. The thighs, shoulders and upper back are provided with enough stretches in this pose. At the same time, the calves and ankles get strengthened this way. It has also been observed to result in improvement of concentrating abilities as well as in the betterment of balance of the body.

  1. Nauka Chalan

Stress relief is one of the common results of practicing yoga. Hence, the Boat Pose also helps in relieving stress. Digestion related functions of the organs are improved by performing this exercise. Strengthening of abdomen and hip flexors is done along with stimulation of the kidneys and intestines.

  1. Vakrasana

Also known as the Half Spinal Twist Pose, this asana helps a lot in shedding the fat at the abdominal region. It also tremendously benefits the strengthening of the spine by performing this type of yoga exercise.

  1. Padahastasana

This should be considered a vital yoga exercise because of its main merit of enabling relief from both mental and physical exhaustion. It also helps in lowering heart beat rate. The digestive activities of the body are improved as much as the organs at the abdominal area are stimulated for better health.

  1. Halasana

Another significant pose in relieving stress and fatigue, Halasana is also called the Plow Pose. It helps in calming the brain and prompts clearer thought process. Stimulation of the abdominal organs is yet another benefit of this exercise form.

  1. Vasisthasana

The fat in a body is easy to shed down if the part of the body in which fat has been accumulated is given the appropriate stretching regularly. Belly fat is known to be one of the most difficult fat parts to reduce. This asana enables stretching of the belly, legs and arms. It also improves the balance of the body. Side Plank is another name for this pose.

  1. Bhujangasana

Also called the Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana is known popularly to help the person in increasing body heat which in turn leads in the destruction of existing ailments or in avoiding probable ones. As the other poses, this pose also helps in relieving stress. Stretching of chest and abdomen along with stimulation of the organs at the abdomen are added benefits of this form.

  1. Natarajasana

It is one asana which any beginner to yoga looks forward to as it has been known popularly to have resulted in weight loss by doing this exercise. It is not only known to do this but also improves the balance of the body. Stretching extremely is done in this pose which is also known as the Lord of the Dance Pose.

  1. Bakasana

Yoga has advanced versions of workout as well which brings out poses with more complications. Bakasana or popularly known as the Crow Pose is one such version which has successfully recalled to be helpful in losing weight. It also helps in strengthening the arms.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Of all the various poses involved in a workout pertaining to yoga, Surya Namaskar or Salutation to the Sun has been widely accepted across the globe as an ancient form of weight loss trick. It is basically a complete set of twelve different yoga poses, each focusing at various parts of the body. Hence, it helps in concentrating on the weight loss process of the entire body. The more repetitions one performs of Surya Namaskar each day, regularly, brings as much positive results both physically as well as mentally.

There are other asanas as well apart from the aforesaid 15 yoga exercises for weight loss which exclusively work on particular parts of the body. Some of these can be mentioned in brief as follows:

  • Simhasana- Also known as the Lion Pose, it is good for reducing facial fat.
  • Jalandhara Bandha- This helps in defining the jaw line and is mostly useful for people with thyroid issues.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana- It is also called the Downward Dog Pose and helps in toning the arms.
  • Chaturanga Dandasana- This form helps in strengthening the muscles and reduces fat at the arms. It is also known as Low Plank Pose.
  • Bharadvajasana- This Seated Twist Pose improves flexibility of upper body.
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana- It helps toning the sides, upper body and the abdominal muscles.
  • Matsyasana- Fish Pose focuses majorly on thighs, hip and abdominal muscles.
  • Anantasana- It works on the love handles.

However, it is recommended to read and research more on all these exercises before one starts to practice it in case of existing health issues. It is always better to seek training under an expert as well. For instance, some of these poses might not be suitable for people with heart diseases or high blood pressure as it might worsen their health conditions or even prove fatal in the short run.

These reasons are enough for an average person to understand that such workouts need to be done under supervision, in case of beginners. People who have knowledge about yoga and have practiced or gotten trained under specialists of yoga exercises will know better and would not need further supervision in most cases. At the same time, people should understand the benefits of each pose before performing these.

Yoga, as mentioned earlier, works wonders for people who practice it regularly, in physical, mental as well as spiritual terms. They say that anyone performing yoga undergoes an amazing kind of transformation positively affecting the mind, body as well as the soul. Weight loss is termed as a “side effect” of practicing yoga on a regular basis.

More awareness on the same can avoid depression-like ailments in people around the world when they get to know that yoga could help them in reducing weight like nothing else has ever helped with. However, like any other workout, the diet routine also needs to be taken care of while being a practitioner of yoga with the aim of losing weight in particular, as the intake of food also plays a major role in shedding excess weight.


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