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21 Tips- How to Lose Belly Fat

21 Tips- How to Lose Belly Fat

In the busy world of today, people hardly have time to think about living the healthy way. They get so occupied each day juggling between work and family that going to the gym or joining a local community focusing for workout sessions, or eating clean food, does not usually come into the picture. They stay

In the busy world of today, people hardly have time to think about living the healthy way. They get so occupied each day juggling between work and family that going to the gym or joining a local community focusing for workout sessions, or eating clean food, does not usually come into the picture. They stay unaware of where they would be going wrong until one thing happens one fine day.

What would be that one thing that suddenly wakes up the mind on where the body lost its track of a healthy standard of living? Clothes stop fitting well anymore like these used to; yes that is exactly when people realize their mistake. Everyone likes to appear well dressed most of the times. So apparels are the one thing that brings about the disappointment of such mistakes in life.

Not being able to wear the previously worn fitting clothes starts spreading despair in people. Most of the times they identify that it is at the part of the waist where those clothing do not fit anymore whereas these remain loose or the same as earlier in the other parts. Sooner they understand that all the binging till then has led to fat accumulation on the tummy.

Demerits of having Belly Fat

There are serious complications involved with accrual of fat at the part of the belly. It is not just only about not being able to fit into the previously used clothes, of course that is a serious issue as it strongly affects the mental health of a person. Such problems cannot be seen as silly matters as there have been cases of depression arisen in people who put on weight and could not lose it later on.

However, certain medical conditions could also be formed as a result of such fat buildup. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, can lead to some major ailments. The most highlighted ones of these could be mentioned as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Such complications occur because the fat at the abdomen is actually surrounding vital organs such as liver, pancreas and the intestines.

Apart from refurbishing one’s wardrobe with apparels of the next bigger sizes and fittings, occurrence of such medical issues could prove costly for the people suffering from such troubles. Purchasing new clothes that solve the fitment issues to replace the existing ones will be the expense on one hand while more serious problems of the extravagant expenditure incurred for treatment of these ailments is another consequence.

21 Tips on Losing Belly Fat

Instead of wasting time on worrying about such problems, people should start recognizing ways to execute plans on how to lose belly fat. The very first step in this process is to first realize and accept the fact about this disorder that one would be facing. Once this is done, the rest of the procedure becomes a cakewalk in most cases.

Given below are 21 tips on losing belly fat. One must assess each tip and understand how to go about it at first. If there is an existing therapeutic condition prevailing as a part of other health issues in the human body, it is recommended that one must seek advice from medical practitioners on following such methods to get rid of the fat accumulated on the abdomen area.

  1. Exercise Regularly: Exercising on a daily basis is a very important factor contributing to a healthy way of living. However, one must not lose faith sooner in exercising because it is not proven that reducing fat in any one part of the body is possible through any kind of workout.
  2. Boost Metabolism: Every means to jump start metabolism of the body must be adopted. Within an hour of waking up if people eat their breakfast, this becomes possible and easier to reduce weight.
  3. Consume Lot of Foods with Fiber: Intake of several food items which contain fiber is known to shed weight as a whole. Moreover, eating more of soluble fiber has chances of reducing belly fat. Examples of such food products include Brussels sprouts, avocados, legumes, flaxseed, blueberries, etc.
  4. Get Plenty of Sleep: If one does not sleep well and for the right amount of time, there are no chances of the possibility to reduce weight. It is during the sleeping hours when the internal organs get a chance to produce enzymes and hormones helping in smooth functioning of the body for the next day as well as in relaxation as a whole.
  5. Avoid Late Night Binging: It is believed that going to bed immediately after a meal makes fat accumulation quicker on the tummy. And most of the times, late night snacks are not really the healthy ones. Hence, avoiding such habits keep one better off visceral fat. Some people follow a weird but successfully proven trick to brush teeth immediately after dinner to avoid eating such snacks thereon.
  6. Swimming: Going for a swim with an up-tempo stroke at least twice a week works wonders to reduce such stubborn fat that is difficult to reduce. The movements involved in this type of swimming stroke is a good cardio form of workout as well which can help in not only losing weight but also in toning up the entire body.
  7. Proper Posture: It has been observed that people who slouch more get fat accrued more at the abdominal region. Using ergonomic furniture can help in such matters thus helping in avoiding issues with the spine as well which could include different sorts of back pain.
  8. Stay Positive: Losing visceral fat is not an easy task. One has to prep their mind in such a way so that they do not give up mid way of the process of trying to overcome such an issue. Hence, the need to stay motivated is very much necessary and should be done by all rightful means.
  9. Be More Active: The more sedentary the lifestyle is, chances of problem of belly fat are more. Instead of becoming a couch potato, one must strive to stay more active throughout the day by indulging in activities like cardio exercises including dancing, walking, aerobics, etc, or doing household chores or running errands outside of home and so on. However, it does not mean one should not stop at all for some rest.
  10. Meditation: Really? Meditation helps in reducing belly fat? Yes! Definitely. By meditating, especially at the beginning of the day itself, one tends to be more active throughout the rest of the day. It also clears mind of stress and hence could help the person in avoiding stressful binging. It also motivates in doing exercises as well on a regular basis.
  11. A Balanced Diet: Meals with the right amount of nutrients can result in only good health. Adequate proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats are very relevant to a well balanced diet. This in turn helps in proper hormone regulation leading to a well maintained metabolism as well. A professional dietician could help in preparing a chart of the balanced diet as per the weight goals and body requirements considering medical conditions, if any.
  12. Diaphragmatic Breathing: Deep breaths are what usually help in contributing to a non-ailing normal human body. Diaphragmatic breathing involves deep breathing and leads to a relaxed state before going to bed. This results in getting good sleep. Hence, trying to avoid short breathing manner which is commonly seen in most people these days is a good idea.
  13. Avoid Trans Fats: These are found mostly in processed foods. It is advisable to stay away from trans fats as it is not only unhealthy for the human body but also result in obesity over time.
  14. Reduce Alcohol Consumption: Usually people who consume alcohol are found to have a broader waist line with a larger tummy. Abstaining from alcoholism is recommended for such people and drinking in moderation for others who are not alcoholics. This is suggested as per the common observation regarding this topic.
  15. Eat More Protein: Protein is one such nutrient which gets the stomach fuller easily by decreasing appetite. This results in a better metabolism rate. Thus eating more protein helps in reducing weight. Eggs are a good source of protein and having them for breakfast is one of the best meal options for a day.
  16. Avoid Sugar related Foods: Higher intake of sugar and sugar related products has been observed to accumulate more fat at the abdominal area. Sugar in any form could lead to harm for a human body. These could be under different names such as fructose, dextrose, maltose, etc. Even honey is not a great form of sugar and needs to be used limitedly. Avoiding sugary beverages like different types of sodas is also advisable.
  17. Reduce Carbs: Carbohydrates are the very source of energy in any meal entering the human body. If one cuts down on the intake of carbohydrates, like in a ketogenic diet, the calories start to getting burnt using the fat already in the body. This could help in reducing belly fat ultimately. However, this method is advised by experts to not be followed for a longer period of time as body does require carbs as well for its survival in a healthy way.
  18. Avoid Overeating: Eat only the quantity required for the body. Eating too much could result in diseases like obesity, heart ailments, diabetes, bad cholesterol, etc. Use of calorie calculators could help in understanding the amount of nutrients needed in every meal as per the weight goals to be achieved. This could help in avoiding overeating, which is mostly found to be related to people suffering from stress issues.
  19. Refrain from performing a Wrong Workout: If one is not sure about what exercise has to be done for reducing weight as per their body structure and related conditions, it is best to seek help from a fitness trainer who could guide with the right advices. It is always better to do this than getting injured further by doing the wrong workout and proving it even costlier for the person.
  20. Step Goal: Aim to achieve a goal of 10,000 steps per day by walking around for each and everything possible. This has been accepted internationally as a standard goal since walking is known to help in reducing belly fat easily. Use of fitness bands help in achieving such step goals. Also, there are various mobile phone applications which help in tracking the same as well.
  21. Eat only Whole Grains: Avoid white rice, red rice, etc and replace those with whole grains like oats, brown rice and quinoa. This is because the latter are filled with fiber content which reduces appetite. Hence, unnecessary binging could be avoided. Whole grains are also known to be healthy components of a good meal. Eating eggs with whole grain breads form a very healthy breakfast any day.

Apart from these tips, it is always recommended for everyone

  • to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day with enough water.
  • to strengthen the muscles first before doing crunches as a means to reduce fat at the belly.
  • to do stretches before and after every workout session to avoid any kind of injuries during the exercise routine.


There is always an exception in some cases while planning to follow these tips. If a woman who has just delivered a baby tries out these tips immediately after, it would not be a great idea. This is because it takes a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 18 months for any new mother to recover her body completely.

This exception applicable to a lady who would have given birth just recently is not only for the outer appearance but also for the smooth functioning of the internal organs as well. Similarly, pregnant women should never consider doing anything about the fat on their baby bump until they have recovered fully after child birth.


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