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31 Diet Tips for Weight Loss

31 Diet Tips for Weight Loss

When one part of the society faces the challenge of dealing with people having a disorder of anorexia, another portion worries about how they could lose the extra fat accumulated on their body. This is the scenario of the world at two extremes when it comes to a malfunctioning health. What could possibly be the

When one part of the society faces the challenge of dealing with people having a disorder of anorexia, another portion worries about how they could lose the extra fat accumulated on their body. This is the scenario of the world at two extremes when it comes to a malfunctioning health. What could possibly be the reason for such conditions than an unhealthy way of living life these days!

Dieting Vs Healthy Eating

When it comes to losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is about the concept of dieting. Very few actually think of eating clean instead of going on a diet mode from the beginning itself. The former kind of people never seems to realize that the idea of dieting is not healthy at all. They tend to believe that such shortcuts can help them shed those extra pounds very easily and forever.

This attitude is mainly because people are so much used to using gadgets in the world of today that they want everything to work quickly as well as at their own convenience. It is said that there can never be a gain without incurring a loss. But somehow it does not get well accepted by such people who are lazy enough to not do much about losing weight the right manner rather trying out the easiest and handy methods.

Once a person realizes what exactly healthy eating means, then he or she would never be able to accept the ideology related to ‘dieting’. The basic point behind this phenomenon is just that one should eat in such a way that they maintain a healthy body and a better lifestyle throughout. People who follow the method of eating clean also recognize no sooner that such an activity helps in having a good mental health as well.

31 Tips for Weight Loss Diet

When people gain weight easily, there could be several reasons behind it. Some of these causes can be listed as:

  • Addiction to food, which is a disorder in itself; if not treated on time could lead to terrible consequences
  • Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid, affecting metabolism adversely
  • Stress leading to unnecessary binging on junk food
  • Depression resulting in not having a control on what is being consumed
  • Fluid retention in the body
  • Various treatments on medical grounds like treatment for diabetes, steroid treatments, etc

With exception to few of such cases, the rest of the problems are solvable. If people become aware of that and stop making excuses for eating more than required or putting on weight, healthy standards of living could be adopted to live life in a better manner.

Below mentioned are self explanatory 31 diet tips for weight loss which can help any overweight or obese person in reducing the amount of unwanted fat in the body and thus helping in an overall good mental well being as well.

  1. Workout: A routine involving exercises of regular nature can help any person determined to lose weight achieve this goal. It is highly recommended that one must workout at least three to five days every week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Sleep Well: Studies have shown that any person getting a good night’s sleep on an everyday basis is prone to reducing weight more than those who do not sleep well. It is also necessary that the person sleeps at the right time as it is during the sleep at night that the body relaxes and internal organs function well. 8 hours should be a must for a decent period of sleeping hours.
  3. Cardio Exercises: The best forms of cardio workout are running, walking, aerobics, etc. Cardio exercises are one of the really good ways to reduce fat in the body. Any common man can adopt at least walking as a good strategy for carrying out such form of workout. It is recommended that people should cover at least 10,000 steps a day.
  4. Lift Weights: Complementing cardio exercises with strength training is the right technique for those who wish to tone up their bodies by not losing the necessary muscles. Lifting weights at least 3 days a week is necessary to accomplish such tasks. It helps in reducing fat in a better fashion.
  5. Proper Water Intake: An average of 3 liters of water must be consumed by everyone even if they are or not overweight. Drinking enough water always helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  6. Green Tea Consumption: Although there do not seem to be proven facts that consuming green tea everyday could help directly in reducing weight; however green tea is a good antioxidant which can work wonders in purifying the blood streams. This will in turn help in improving metabolism.
  7. Coffee without Sugar: Drinking coffee, especially black, without adding sugar, is one of the best antioxidants one could consume every single day.
  8. Tea: Tea again, when consumed without added sugar and black as it is, is yet another antioxidant. Adding a few mint leaves and a few drops of lemon juice into a cup of black tea has great medicinal benefits as well.
  9. Drinking Water before Meals: It has been observed that drinking water at least half hour before consuming any meal of the day helps in reducing unwanted appetite thus resulting in reduction of weight of the body.
  10. Say No to ‘3 Meals a Day’: Consuming meals 3 times a day results in overeating as hunger spikes up between the intervals. Dividing the meals into 4 or 5 times a day is a good strategy to curb those cravings as well as burden the major meals lesser thus.
  11. Added Sugar- Not Good: Sugar in any form is harmful to health, mainly if consumed in larger amounts. These days added sugar is found in processed foods under different names such as corn syrup, fructose, lactose, maltose, malt syrup, dextrose, etc. One must realize that these are all equally unhealthy and hence such foods should be avoided.
  12. Coconut Oil Utilization: Among cooking oils used widely across the globe, coconut oil might be the most underestimated. It is one of the best vegetable oils available in the market which is actually healthy indeed. Replace the usual cooking oil with coconut oil and stay healthy!
  13. Meals with Lesser Carbohydrates: The source of energy to burn calories in any average human body is from that of the carbohydrates present in the nutrition list of food items consumed. If the amount of carbs are reduced in the diet plan, then the possibility of burning fat increases due to the unavailability of the main source of energy in the body. At the same time, one must not follow diet routines like Ketogenic Diet for a very longer period either.
  14. Breakfast like a King: Having large quantity of a well balanced meal in the morning itself helps in curbing unnecessary appetite throughout the day. It also gives a good start to the day contributing to a better mental health for the rest of the time and makes it stress free.
  15. Supplementing with Glucomannan: Fiber content in food is very much essential to help in reducing fat. Glucomannan is a supplement which has good amount of fiber in it. Thus, consuming it can help overweight people in watching their scale readings improve.
  16. Brush after the last meal: This seems to be a weird trick but been observed to help many a people who have had late night cravings, may be for a snack item or a slice of dessert. Once they brush their teeth after dinner, such temptations reduce on their own.
  17. Eat Slowly: Been taught from childhood that chewing food properly helps in good digestion thereafter, over time we learn that chewing slowly helps even in a better cause- losing weight. This is because during such a process, hormones inducing such loss of weight are produced.
  18. Cure Food Addiction: As mentioned earlier, one of the causes of being overweight is an addiction towards eating. If one understands this as a disorder, he or she should immediately seek help from experts who can guide in stepping out of such a serious issue. Once this matter is solved, only then can other plans to start losing weight be adopted.
  19. Eat Spicy Food: Including certain kinds of chilly or spicy ingredients is known to lessen appetite of the person consuming such food having the same in it. This is because spiciness helps in improving metabolism in the body.
  20. Usage of Smaller Utensils: Another of the weirdest concepts adopted by the society as a trial to reduce appetite is by making use of plates of smaller size than the usual ones. This has been proven successful by many people.
  21. Say Yes to Healthy Fats: Not all fatty foods are bad for the human body. There are healthy ones as well among them. Butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc are some forms of healthy fats which do not prove harmful for the body.
  22. Eat More Protein: Including more protein in meals helps in curbing appetite as stomach gets filled faster with the intake of more proteins. Including proteins in breakfast is a very good way of reducing hunger for the rest of the day.
  23. Include Eggs in the Daily Diet: Eggs, especially whole, are a good source of proteins. Eating eggs with whole grain breads is one of the best breakfasts one could have if they are on the track of trying to lose weight.
  24. Go Lean: As much as one could wish to become so as per the heading mentioned in this tip, it is advisable to eat only lean meat and lean fish if he or she is a non vegetarian. Lean meat includes lean beef and chicken breasts while examples of lean fish include salmon, tuna, etc.
  25. ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar, or as popularly known as ACV, has been found to be one such eatable which could help in reducing weight. Sprinkling such vinegar on top of salads or incorporating as an ingredient in other types of meals makes the consumption of the same easier.
  26. Controlled Portions: Nowadays there are various apps on the virtual stores of mobile phones which work as a calorie calculator. It helps the person to know what he should eat and how much, with regard to their weight goals. It thus helps in controlling portions for every meal of a day.
  27. Avoid Dieting: The idea of dieting is not acceptable for a healthy way of losing weight. Instead of such plans, the concept of eating good and clean food should be adopted to live a healthy lifestyle.
  28. Probiotics: Intake of probiotics helps in reducing appetite. This is the reason why yoghurt is supposed to be one of the best healthy snacks to eat in between meals.
  29. Eat and Shop: This is a psychological activity which has seen tremendous successful results when it comes to weight loss. When one shops for groceries on a fuller stomach, they tend to avoid the less healthy items and choose more of fruits and vegetables.
  30. Whole Grains: Brown rice is recommended to replace other types of rice like white rice and red rice due to the high fiber content in it just like that in quinoa, which is another whole grain best to be consumed as a part of main course. Oats also includes in this category and overnight oat meals can be prepared for a healthy breakfast the next morning.
  31. Nuts: Nuts should not be mistaken as a fat inducing food. They have a constituency of good amount of protein, healthy fats and above all, fiber. They make a proper mid-meal snack as well.

Apart from these aforesaid 31 diet tips mentioned for weight loss, it should be noted that people should refrain from:

  • Skipping meals with the intention of losing weight easily.
  • Being anorexic, otherwise end up being sick unnecessarily.
  • Not consuming fruits and vegetables, which are again rich in fiber and other nutrients.
  • Eating fried foods, as it has higher chances of leading to obesity.

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