51+ Weight Loss Exercises

51+ Weight Loss Exercises

The best exercise for weight loss can be termed as prevention of excessive gain of weight which is unwanted or harmful for the body. However, this concept is not much considered by many in the population of the world. It is very easy to put on weight but at the same time, it is ferociously

The best exercise for weight loss can be termed as prevention of excessive gain of weight which is unwanted or harmful for the body. However, this concept is not much considered by many in the population of the world. It is very easy to put on weight but at the same time, it is ferociously difficult to shed those extra pounds and attain a healthy body back again.

Most people are aware when they are in the progress of gaining unhealthy weight of their body. However, some are too busy to look into solutions for rectifying the same while some others are too lazy to care anymore. While there have been various awareness campaigns run across the globe over the last decade to increase knowledge about the harms of an overweight body, a very small percentage of the world’s population would have taken it seriously.

However, there is also a class of people who really wish to lose weight under the expertise and supervision of a fitness expert. But due to money constraints, they would be unable to hire a personal trainer or go to the gym for the same purpose. Hence, they resort to exercising at home themselves. Nevertheless, this attempt has its own demerits as well such as injuries, incorrect style, etc.

How to Lose Weight through Exercises

Once a person understands the need for exercising, then he only needs to make up his mind to follow the procedure on a regular basis. At the same time, he should also realize the importance of maintaining a good diet which is balanced in nutrients because doing either of these may help only up to an extent beyond which it becomes difficult to achieve the goal.

For people who exercise on their own from home, at least at the beginner level, the above mentioned access to workout videos is highly recommendable in order to avoid any challenges in the progress. Considering a combination of cardio exercises and strength training workouts give the best results, mentioned below are 51+ weight loss exercises.

  1. Walking: The easiest way to lose weight is walking. Brisk walking is what is recommended to attain the end result of weight loss. At least 30 minutes per day of regular brisk form of walking could help in burning a minimum of 150 calories a day. The more time one performs this exercise, the faster the chances of losing weight.
  2. Swimming: It has been known that people who see swimming as a means to maintain fitness as well apart from the enjoyment spending time in water provides, have been able to successfully reduce excessive fat from their body. Swimming an hour continuously could facilitate burning of at least 500-700 calories every time. It has been noticed as a combination of both cardio workout as well as strength training as it trims the inches as well as makes the body stronger.
  3. HIIT: HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a form of workout wherein the intensity of the exercise is given utmost importance. It is done in short intervals, but intensely focused on. Even if done for just 20 minutes in a day, it burns more calories throughout the rest of the day compared to what a jog could do. It is seen as one of the ways to lose weight faster.
  4. Surya Namaskar: Being one of the traditional forms of exercise derived from India, yoga is on its track of popularity about the benefit yielded from it with regard to weight loss. Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation is one of the most effective exercises in yoga which helps in losing weight if practiced regularly. It is a set of 12 yoga poses which focus on different parts of the human body resulting in reducing excessive fat accumulations for the entire body.
  5. Zumba: Some people just hate exercising at the very thought of going to a gym. This could be because the routine appears to be boring and they would love to engage in a workout which is fun to do. Dancing is one such form. But not everyone can learn and follow dance steps that easily either. However, Zumba proves to be one such form of dance where people enjoy doing it simply for the reason that no one orders anyone to follow steps to perfection.
  6. Dancing: There are various forms of the art of dance. In India, classical forms include Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattom, Kuchipudi, etc while regional types include Bhangra, Kathakali, Gidda, Bollywood, etc. The modern ways if dancing have brought in several other forms as well such as Hip Hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Desi Jam Cardio, and so on. Every such dance form has its own routine which if followed regularly can help a person maintain or reduce weight as per the intensity of each dance.
  7. Running: Known as the king of exercises related to weight loss, running not only strengthens the legs but also reduces belly fat. A minimum of 30 minutes of running every day or at least 5 days a week shows tremendous results if done regularly. It can be done outdoors or on the treadmill as well.
  8. Cycling: Cycling is a form of cardio exercise. It is a fun version of running in which a cycle is also used to make the ride of workout more enjoyable. Strengthening of the muscles of the leg as well as reducing abdominal fat constitutes the main benefits from cycling.
  9. Squats: This is one exercise done or recommended by most of the people who are fitness experts. Some people have a slimmer upper body; however, the part starting at the end of the midriff will be bulged because of huge thighs and buttocks. The more number of repetitions of squats are done, the more fat from the area of thighs and glutes burn out.
  10. Push-Ups: Strengthening of arms happens by doing push-ups. Also, the entire body gets toned up by doing this exercise.
  11. Plank: This exercise focuses on strengthening not only the core but also the arms. It helps in improving the balance of the body as well.
  12. Triceps Push-Ups: A form of push-ups which involve cutting down the fat accumulated at the triceps is called triceps push-ups.
  13. Boat Pose: This focuses on balance of body weight along with reducing lower belly fat.
  14. Crunches: Crunches work majorly on the abs.
  15. Spider Push-Up: This is another form of push-ups which focus majorly on the arms, shoulders, legs and glutes altogether.
  16. Low Belly Leg Reach: This exercise helps in toning the sides and getting rid of the love handles.
  17. Strength Training: Strength training is as important as cardio workouts. However, some people have a wrong perception of this form that by lifting weights, the body becomes huge. But the fact is that weights help in burning fat and shapes up the muscles appropriately.
  18. Lunges: Focusing on the lower body, the traditional form of lunges of forward movements help in fat reduction by working the muscles at the glutes, hamstrings and quads at the same time. This helps in burning of calories at the maximum level.
  19. Forearm Plank: It is another version of a normal plank wherein the person rests the body weight on the forearms. It strengthens not only the upper arms but also the shoulders and the core.
  20. Burpees: Burpees are one complicated type of workout; very effective in targeting the chest, core and legs all at the same time.
  21. Plank Push-Ups: Plank plus push-ups ends up as one of the best exercises for arms.
  22. Double Jump: A slight mix of cardio and strength workout is what a double jump consists of. It includes 3 exercises in one consisting of the squats, jump and lunge. It is effective for the abs, butt and legs.
  23. Mountain Climbers: It would be noticed as one of the difficult exercises for overweight or obese people. However, once they do mountain climbers regularly, they would surely see positive results in the areas involving the buttocks, obliques and hamstrings.
  24. Jump Rope: Skipping is the term that one must have given to rope jumping activities as a child. Over the years, it has been understood that skipping rope has been effectively known to reduce weight as it mainly helps in toning of the complete human body.
  25. Kettlebell Swings: When it comes to achieving the goal of weight loss effectively for the entire body, kettlebell swings prove successful. It is because the whole body gets engaged even if with low impact yet higher intensity.
  26. Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are always recommended to affect the fat accumulated parts of the entire body and have proven to be successful in doing the same. These are one of those cardio exercises which stimulate functioning of all organs.
  27. Cross Trainer: Most people who go to the gym or health clubs love to use the cross trainer. It is also called an elliptical trainer and helps in building the leg muscles and reducing arm fat simultaneously.
  28. Butt Kicks: Like jogging, butt kicks are another form of cardiovascular activity. The only difference is that the legs are made to touch the butt alternatively. With more speed, the intensity of the exercise increases as well.
  29. Plank Jacks: This exercise is another version of the normal planks involving cardio workout as well. Hence the result of doing a cardio exercise as well as a plank is derived from plank jacks.
  30. Side Plank: Working out a plank pose on one arm with the body facing any one side is called a side plank and it helps in toning obliques and losing the fat at the arms.
  31. Bridge: Bridge dips and bridge pose are effective in strengthening the abdominal region and as well as a stress reliever.
  32. Squat Jumps: A combination of squats and jumping brings out effective fat burning results.
  33. Side Lunges: A version of lunges wherein the inner as well outer thighs along with the butt is focused upon.
  34. Bicycle Crunches: Lower belly fat problem? This is the best suitable exercise to reduce that!
  35. Triceps Dips: Toning triceps effectively made easy by this exercise.
  36. Bridge with Leg Lift: Another type of the usual bridge pose and dips with one leg lifted up straight, this exercise helps in focusing more on the lower abs as well as the muscles at the butt.
  37. Jackknife Sit-Ups: This exercise focuses the upper and lower abs altogether.
  38. Lunge with Bicep Curls: Work the lower body along with the arms simultaneously!
  39. Grinding: It is one yoga pose which helps in getting rid of the belly fat.
  40. Squat with Punches: Strengthen those arms as well as tone them along with the glutes.
  41. Pike Push-Up: It is the downward dog pose from yoga which works on strengthening the shoulders as well as the arm fat.
  42. Frog Jumps: It is a plyometric move and the more repetitions are done, weight loss is made more effective as well.
  43. Chair Pose: It is a yoga pose resulting in strengthening of legs and toning of butt.
  44. Dead lifts: The focus point in this exercise is the booty majorly apart from the hamstrings and this is performed using dumbbells.
  45. Triceps Kickbacks: Pick a pair of dumbbells and start working on those flabby arms to get back in shape with triceps kickbacks.
  46. Overhead Press: Targeting the fat at the upper back and the triceps as well as strengthening the shoulders is the main idea in this workout.
  47. Front Kicks: Toning of legs, buttocks and abs happens in this workout.
  48. Split Lunge Jumps: With the use of dumbbells and inclusion of jumps, it is an advanced version of lunges.
  49. Walkout: It is a simple variation of push-ups and works effectively on the whole body.
  50. Warrior Pose: This is another yoga pose which helps in strengthening of the lower body. It has 3 variations as well.
  51. Vinyasa: A part of Surya Namaskara, this exercise helps greatly in weight reduction.

There are various workout related videos available online on several websites that could be accessed from a desktop computer or laptop and in various applications which are present in the virtual stores of smart phones. Some of these are made available to the public free of cost while some others can be bought at a price by them for a fixed period of time or in general without any time limit.


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