Applauding their Relationship through 114+ Gifts Ideas for Couples

Applauding their Relationship through 114+ Gifts Ideas for Couples

As soon as you come to know that your friend is in a relationship with another person who is as or even more beautiful from in and out, your heart will know no bounds of happiness for them both, right? Be it a relationship entering a married life or even just being on a status

As soon as you come to know that your friend is in a relationship with another person who is as or even more beautiful from in and out, your heart will know no bounds of happiness for them both, right? Be it a relationship entering a married life or even just being on a status of a boyfriend and girlfriend, they need to be encouraged to keep going well on such a commitment.

Most of the times, when you find out that your friends are tying the knot soon, you would feel to be honored in joining them in celebrating the new step in their relationship along with other friends and family members. You might have even been a part of the plan wherein your friend would have presented the ring to propose to his girlfriend. Hence the first step would be to celebrate their engagement.

Normally on such occasions, you would want to gift them something; especially on their wedding day. Nevertheless it should not happen so that by the time you figure out what gift you should be giving them, their first wedding anniversary date arrives already! To avoid such embarrassments, mentioned below are some pointers on 114+ gifts ideas for couples that could come handy for you in such situations.

Some of the wedding gifts could be:

  1. Couple pendant necklace set- Each of them could be presented a neck chain which has a pendant in the shape of a half of a heart. These two halves when joined together would form a complete heart.
  2. ‘His Queen’ and ‘Her King’ stainless steel couple finger rings
  3. Scented candles- For their special nights and moments, scented candles could be very useful.
  4. Photo coffee mugs- Print their photos each on a coffee mug and gift them.
  5. Crystal pieces- Various crystal showpieces are available for gifting purpose.
  6. Photo coasters- Get their photos printed on coaster sets.
  7. Message coasters- Customize coasters with messages to motivate their relationship to get stronger.
  8. Theme coasters- Themes like hearts or wedding rings, etc could be incorporated in the design on coasters.
  9. Watches- A men’s watch and ladies’ watch gifted together will be a perfect gift they would appreciate.
  10. House name plate- A fancy house name plate with their names on it as a gift.
  11. Wall hangings- Every home will look more beautiful with such décor.
  12. Message silver coins- Engrave messages for each of them on silver coins as a gift.
  13. Jewelry sets- A ladies’ necklace and men’s bracelet is a good example.
  14. Gift vouchers- If you hardly have time to buy gifts, order gift vouchers online and send them the voucher codes for them to buy later at their own pace.
  15. Kitchenware- Any home would require a decent set of kitchenware.
  16. Home appliances- If you have a good budget, then go for this option understanding what else they require at their home.
  17. Apparels- Ethnic or modern, ensure that you pick the right sizes.
  18. Wood pasted photo album- A long lasting photo album with wooden cover.
  19. USB clip LED lamps- If they are good readers or have a study room, this would be helpful.
  20. Customized eye masks- A ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ or a ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ customization will look great on eye masks.
  21. Potted plants- If they are already not into gardening then encourage them with these gifts.
  22. Flower vase
  23. Cycle shape flower pot with flowers- A small basket of flowers on a cycle miniature to work as a showpiece.
  24. Photo frame
  25. Framed photo collage
  26. Eiffel tower miniature statue
  27. Home organizers
  28. Hourglass paper weight
  29. Expensive branded pens set
  30. Framed family photo
  31. Wooden engraved photo plaque
  32. Crystal Taj Mahal home decorative miniature- A showpiece for their home indicating their love for each other as Taj Mahal is a symbol of love.
  33. Luggage trolley set
  34. King Queen couple tee shirts set- Personalize tee shirts with the names King and Queen on each for them both.
  35. Romantic happiness couple silver keyring- A silver keyring with a mini figure of a couple attached on it could just be the right one for their bedroom key.
  36. Crystal Taj Mahal showpiece- A miniature of one of the wonders of the world inside a crystal globe for their bedside table.
  37. Metal Eiffel Tower with light stand- Another popular monument of the world which is situated in the city of love; a miniature of this along with beautiful lights to highlight it will look wonderful on their showcase.
  38. Romantic love couple statue showpiece gifts- A tiny statue of a couple floating on the miniature of a half moon will be such a romantic showpiece.
  39. Coffee mugs with message- Customize coffee mugs with the best wishes you want to pass to them or with their names on it.
  40. Photo cushions- Cushions with their pictures on each.
  41. Printed design cushions- Nicely designed cushions for their sofa.
  42. Matching tee shirts- Get tee shirts printed for each of them which would match with each other in colors and words.
  43. Theme tee shirts- If they seem to be ardent fans of a particular thing, indulge them more into the theme through such tee shirts.
  44. Emoji cushion pillows- Let them smile all their life.
  45. Feng-Shui items- Such items are meant to bring good luck and prosperity to their home.
  46. Printed fancy pen drives set
  47. Message printed cutlery- Which home does not require cutlery? Get beautiful messages or their names printed on a brand new set of cutlery.
  48. Nuts and chocolates
  49. Romantic photos explosion box
  50. Multiple photos frame
  51. Flower bouquets
  52. Coffee mugs with lids
  53. Revolving photo cube
  54. Waterfalls miniature with music and light
  55. Perfumes
  56. Theme mouse pads
  57. Mouse pads with a message
  58. Photo mouse pads
  59. Mini transparent snow falling globe with dancing couple statue and music
  60. Bamboo wood notebooks with pens

Other Occasions and Gifts

It is not just on the occasion of a wedding of a couple that you can gift them something. There can be various other reasons for such gifting purpose as well. For example, if the couple just announced that they are expecting a baby soon, congratulating them on the same can be done through gifts. Throw them a baby shower party by inviting their friends and members of family.

This way it is just not only you who would be gifting them the happiness of their lives on that day but also including others’ contributions as well on the occasion. Once the baby is born, a baby welcoming party could also be arranged to again help the couple get gifted with the items that they might have wanted from the baby registry they had enrolled in.

Another event could be that they might have just purchased a new house or gotten it built. At the house warming ceremony, you would definitely need to gift them with things highlighted from the earlier mentioned list. If those are not enough options, feel free to go through more such choices in the ideas given below. These also can come handy for any other occasions for gifting a couple.

  1. Hourglass heart shape paper weight- If not for their home, they would definitely need this at work.
  2. Scroll card- A large scroll card with best wishes for them which could later be used as a wall hanging as well.
  3. Wooden home décor- Wooden décor make the house look exquisitely more beautiful.
  4. LED photo night lamp shade- Confused between night lamp and photo frame? Mix both the ideas to gift this amazing product.
  5. Night lamps with fancy shades- Bedside tables or study, these things are always required.
  6. Set of sunglasses with cases
  7. Baby nursery gift items- They would want to start prepping up a nursery or room for their expected baby. Help them with setting up the things here.
  8. Maternity gifts- Save them money, time and effort by getting the things required during pregnancy and after delivery beforehand.
  9. LED balloons for party- If they are the ones who like to throw house parties often, then this will be a great idea as they are reusable ones.
  10. Fitness bands- For the fitness conscious couples, fitness bands are a must.
  11. Bakeware- What if they love baking? Get some nice bakeware, may be even imported ones.
  12. DIY photo album- Show them how creative and talented you are.
  13. Wood photo clock with engravings- Get their picture engraved on a wooden clock.
  14. Ladies’ handbag and men’s wallet- Well, they would never say no to this kind of a gift!
  15. Bracelets with names
  16. Photo pendants- Gift them each with a pendant holding each other’s pictures inside.
  17. Mushroom shape automatic sensor light- Works like a romantic night lamp as well.
  18. Wall mounted wooden alphabets
  19. Camera
  20. Camera accessories
  21. Tea light holders- Always useful for their candle light dinners at home.
  22. Cakes and cupcakes
  23. Cookie basket
  24. Photo key chains
  25. Multi burner gas stove- It will be very useful for a home where cooking is always done with much passion for it or even when there are more members residing there.
  26. Home furniture- Perfect house warming gift is to help them by buying some of the furniture they were planning on getting for their new home.
  27. Crockery- Every home requires decent crockery items to serve when guests arrive and meals are served.
  28. Paintings- To add to the home décor.
  29. Box of sweets- If you are still confused, just go with a box of sweets to congratulate them on their new phase of life.
  30. Books
  31. Book shelves- If they love books, they will definitely need one or more of these!
  32. Speakers and sound systems- If you have known them from a long time, you would also know how much they love music.
  33. Personalized candle shadow cube
  34. Wine bottle opener
  35. Wine glasses
  36. Wooden photo jigsaw puzzle- Get one of their pictures made into a wooden jigsaw puzzle. It could be a good wall décor as well.
  37. Greeting cards- Miles away from them? Send at least greeting cards conveying your wishes.
  38. LED flashing color changing liquid activated mugs- Let them enjoy the fanciness of this item while consuming beverages in it.
  39. Relaxing aroma oil and tea candles set- For couples who are workaholics, this gift will be very comforting when they plan on getting a home spa done together.
  40. Cushion covers set- Cushions need change of covers often.
  41. Wooden antique hut shape coaster set- A wooden hut shape filled with coasters to be pulled out every time it is required; add on for their dining table.
  42. Crystal lotus- Crystal lotus showpieces are believed to bring good luck to the house.
  43. Rose glass dome with light- A single rose with a glass dome over it with light to be gifted as a showpiece.
  44. Vintage styled adventure compass- Could be passed on to their next generations as well, you never know!
  45. Mason jars set
  46. Bean bags
  47. Love ring bands- Each ring will have half of a heart and when they come together, form a complete heart.
  48. Bottle art showpieces- Decoupage or glass painted, or any other art on upcycled bottles.
  49. Cuff links and brooch set
  50. Photo water bottles
  51. Message water bottles
  52. Theme water bottles
  53. Gym equipments
  54. Holiday vouchers
  55. Discount coupons
  56. Competition entry- Make them enter a competition of any sort for couples free of cost and encourage them to participate and win the same.
  57. Customized passport holders
  58. Wedding memories large photo album

Regardless of what the event is, if it requires congratulating a couple or sending them the best wishes from you, gifts have a major role to play in spreading the joy on the occasion. The main reason for this is that by doing such kind acts you would actually be promoting their relationship to be maintained well throughout the rest of their life. That would definitely be a source of happiness for you as well in a way, correct?


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