Make Him Fall in Love with You Again with these 109 Gift Ideas for Husband

Make Him Fall in Love with You Again with these 109 Gift Ideas for Husband

Marriage is an integral part of anyone’s life. Most of the people in the world dream of their wedding day. They make plans well in advance of how it should look like on their special day. Why some even plan from their very childhood days about the same occasion! The day of a person’s wedding

Marriage is an integral part of anyone’s life. Most of the people in the world dream of their wedding day. They make plans well in advance of how it should look like on their special day. Why some even plan from their very childhood days about the same occasion! The day of a person’s wedding is a memorable and forever cherishing moment for both the bride and the groom.

In olden days, most of the times, it was the parents’ right to choose the bride and groom for their children after they were grown up old enough to get married. Over the decades, the tradition changed and people started getting freedom to choose their own partners without seeking the permission from anyone else, even the elders of the family. These days it has become a well-accepted norm all over the world.

Women usually are habitual in regard to grabbing every chance to gift others with something they would like. It could be just out of joy on some occasion or even to impress someone they really have a crush on. It could also be merely out of sincere love. Given in this blog are 109 gift ideas for husband that any woman can browse through before deciding on what to gift him.

Occasional Gifts for Husband

As mentioned earlier, the parents were responsible in identifying the right partner for their kids at the age suitable for marriage. Those days, the bride would consider her husband as the greatest gift. While that feeling still may exist, over time, women were presented with chances of empowering themselves as well as becoming independent. Eventually, women started giving gifts to their husband with their own hard earned money on every occasion they could think of.

A trend has evolved these days which involves the partners to gift each other something special on the day they must have planned to tie the knot. On the occasion of taking this next big step in their relation, these gifts will act as one of those keepsakes they would cherish forever as they grow old together. The bride would be more enthusiastic in this case as most women are usually in such circumstances.

Usually, a wife likes to gift her husband the most, provided the relationship is well maintained. It could be during any special moments like wedding anniversary, birthday, start of parenthood, congratulating on a new job, winning a competition, etc. Here are some ideas on how to gift during such occasions or even for a time when the wife suddenly feels like gifting her husband on a casual basis.

  1. Eiffel tower miniature statue- If your honeymoon was at Paris, or if you have planned to go there someday as a dream destination, this could work not only as a gift but also a reminder for the trip you are looking forward to!
  2. Visiting card holder- Most men need this essentially.
  3. Playing cards- Only if your husband loves to play cards; but make sure no gambling is involved!
  4. Precious metal bracelet- Some men like to wear bracelets. Platinum, silver and gold are the most chosen from precious metals for such a purpose.
  5. Gold neck chain- Neck chains are not just for women!
  6. Finger ring- After engagement and wedding, it is not necessary you cannot gift him more rings!
  7. Hourglass paper weight- If he is a workaholic, this would help him a lot.
  8. Expensive branded pen- Most men love to collect such pens.
  9. Photo office coasters- He could use these at his office desk or at his study room. This could be space savers as compared to photo frames.
  10. Message coasters- A positive message on the coasters could brighten up his day at work.
  11. Theme coasters- If he is a big fan of something in particular, get these theme coasters for him and you will remain his most favorite person on earth forever!
  12. Theme tee shirts
  13. Framed family photo- Family pictures can be great motivators during hard times at office.
  14. Crystal Taj Mahal home decorative miniature- Nothing better to show the purity of your love as equivalent to this magnificent wonder of the world.
  15. Shaving kit- Always an essential for a man still following the traditional methods of grooming his facial hair.
  16. Travel bag organizer- If your husband travels a lot, this would come very handy.
  17. Laptop- A new laptop just for personal use could not be a bad idea anytime.
  18. Smart phone- That latest smart phone he was much eagerly looking forward to!
  19. Laptop skin with message- Most men have to use laptops as part of their job. A customized skin for the laptop with a motivating message will nevertheless make him feel at ease at work always.
  20. Laptop skin with photo- Another space saver compared to photo frames.
  21. Theme laptop skin
  22. Smart phone case/cover- These could be customized according to the theme he likes or with a nice message on it in his favorite colors.
  23. Luggage bag, suitcase, brief case- A traveling man always requires these.
  24. Name keychain- Keychains are always in demand by men for their vehicles and drawers or cupboards. One with their name on it will make it look even nicer.
  25. Photo keychain- Another substitute for a photo frame as well as serving the purpose of a keychain.
  26. Crystal Taj Mahal showpiece- A Taj Mahal inside a crystal globe; the perfect gift to be kept on his table!
  27. On the go coffee mug with lid- The best gift for a coffee loving husband.
  28. Metal Eiffel Tower with light stand- It is a showpiece but will bring him memories from that honeymoon you went with him to at Paris.
  29. Pocket watch- If he does not like to wear watch, then a pocket watch which could be clipped to his clothes would be a great option.
  30. Little message bottle- Write down the cute message you wish to convey to him and bottle up!
  31. Laptop bag- A new laptop bag will always be welcomed well.
  32. Office bag- Which man will not like a fresh office bag for a change?
  33. Romantic love couple statue gift item- A miniature statue of a couple sitting on a partial moon.
  34. Coffee mug with message
  35. Cushion with a message
  36. Printed design cushion
  37. Mobile phone cover/case with photo
  38. Mobile phone cover/case with message
  39. Theme Mobile phone cover/case
  40. Kitchenware- If he loves cooking; get him the kitchenware he has been craving for.
  41. Hobby gifts- He might like to sing; buy him a cordless mic; and so on.
  42. Sports gift items- Footballer? Cricketer? Get the essential kit items or may be even the whole kit! Nothing could make him happier!
  43. Emoji cushion pillows- The smileys play a major role these days.
  44. Wooden heart photo plaque- Engrave his photo or the family picture into a heart shaped wooden board.
  45. Romantic cheesy love letter
  46. Feng-Shui items
  47. Message printed cutlery
  48. Nuts and chocolates- If he loves them make sure he is not allergic to any of these.
  49. Romantic messages explosion box
  50. Romantic photos explosion box
  51. Framed photo collage

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Despite the chances that a woman might be employed at a desk job or even working from home, she would always make sure to remember the birth dates of her family members. Of all of them, her husband’s birthday would be the most awaited one for her as this is one of those special times she could prove her love for him in a much enhanced manner.

Just like her kids, her spouse will also be an asset to a woman. And if the woman is childless, her love for her husband will be even more as it need not be split among anyone else in the family except her parents and siblings. Hence, to make him happy on his special day, she would not hesitate to do anything or go to any part of the world, provided she is financially independent as well.

Given below are some birthday gift ideas for husband:

  1. Revolving photo cube
  2. Waterfalls miniature with music and light
  3. Perfume
  4. Handmade crochet gifts
  5. Theme mouse pad
  6. Mouse pad with a motivating message
  7. Mouse pad with pictures from family or his own
  8. Mini transparent snow falling globe with dancing couple statue and music
  9. Bamboo wood notebook with pen
  10. Personal grooming kits and tools
  11. Hourglass heart shape paper weight
  12. Notebook with magnetic flap
  13. Scroll card- Love letter of the olden times.
  14. Wooden home décor- Some men like these.
  15. LED photo night lamp shade- Night lamp cum photo collage
  16. Night lamps with fancy shades
  17. Sunglasses- Every man’s love!
  18. Surprise box pop-up heart with music
  19. Fitness band- If he is a fitness person, then this will be a great idea.
  20. Bakeware- If he loves baking on those weekends, invest in good bakeware that he would love to work with, including a nice oven.
  21. Sports outfits and shoes
  22. Party wear apparels
  23. Casual apparels
  24. Helmet- A good reminder to wear it always while riding his bike.
  25. Jackets and sweaters- They can never get enough of these things!
  26. Trekking backpack- If he loves to go hiking and trekking.
  27. Backpack- For those casual road trips with his friends.
  28. DIY photo album- A personal touch will always be loved and appreciated.
  29. Wood photo clock with engravings- Get the picture printed or engraved on a clock that he would look at always.
  30. 52 reasons I love you deck of cards- Show him the 52 reasons why you love him even when he plays cards.
  31. Wallet
  32. Mushroom shape automatic sensor light- Works as a romantic night lamp as well.
  33. Belt
  34. Camera
  35. Camera lens
  36. Camera accessories- If he is passionate about photography, then he would like to get these as a gift for sure.
  37. Cigarette case- Smoking is injurious to health but if he is an occasional smoker, this will be a nice gift.
  38. Hip flask- Consuming alcohol is also harmful to health if it is done beyond limit. But on occasions, a hip flask can be carried around as a gesture of pride among some men.
  39. Cake and cupcakes- If he loves desserts.
  40. Cookie basket- If he does not like anything creamy then cookies would be a great idea.
  41. Printed theme water bottle
  42. Photo coffee mug
  43. 100 reasons I love you box
  44. DIY gifts
  45. Eye mask- For those traveling nights.
  46. Books
  47. Book shelf
  48. Speakers and sound system set
  49. Personalized candle shadow cube
  50. Romantic happiness couple silver keyring
  51. Beer bottle opener
  52. Wine bottle opener
  53. Earphones and headset
  54. Wooden photo jigsaw puzzle
  55. Greeting card
  56. Multi tool camping survival kit
  57. LED flashing color changing liquid activated mug- If he likes fancy items like these.
  58. Relaxing aroma oil and tea candles set- After a long day at the workplace, any man would love to make use of this gift to get relaxed. It would be one of the best options to choose from the lot.

After going through the above list, if you are still confused on what to gift your husband, try this- make a combination of any of the above ideas. For example, a greeting card along with a few books and a book shelf will be a fantastic option. Similarly, other combos could also be worked up from these options. Apart from the aforesaid suggestions, a few other ideas to gift your husband could also include:

  • Vintage styled adventure compass
  • USB clip LED lamp
  • Fashionable thick leather bracelet
  • Ties and formal ribbon bows
  • Handkerchiefs set
  • Cuff links
  • Photo water bottles

If you are the love of his life, then your husband would be happy with even the tiniest of gifts you plan to shower him with on his birthday. The very thought that you took the efforts to please him on that day would itself be a great present for him. Hence, be ready for an appreciation at least that day if not any other; we know how difficult it is usually to get appreciated by most men in this world!


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