A List Of Beautiful Names For Your Baby Girl

A List Of Beautiful Names For Your Baby Girl

Did you just deliver a baby girl? That’s wonderful news of all times. Congrats to the new parents. You must be on cloud 9, dancing and singing! Why not? When you have a baby girl, it is considered to be a blessing from the Almighty. If you are an Indian then you will have to

Did you just deliver a baby girl? That’s wonderful news of all times. Congrats to the new parents. You must be on cloud 9, dancing and singing! Why not? When you have a baby girl, it is considered to be a blessing from the Almighty. If you are an Indian then you will have to host a huge party to announce the news among all your near and dear ones. Hold on, have you thought about a name for your pretty girl? This is a huge task for every parent to think of a name that is special and unique.

If you are puzzled while making a selection from unique girl names then fret not. This article will offer you plenty of pretty, meaningful, and exceptional names for your beautiful daughter. Always remember not to hurry up while naming your children. Because, once a name is given, it will stay all her life, and nothing can be done later on. Primarily, a name becomes an identity of a person. Therefore, take your own time, discuss with your family members, research online, get the meaning, and then come up with the most special name for your special child.

Names in alphabetical order for your daughter

We understand the importance of naming your kid. Therefore, we have done an important task for you. A curated list of meaningful and pretty names will help you in picking up a name for your daughter.


Akaansha: If your daughter is a wish or desire for you, then Akaansha suits well

Adrika: This means celestial, it is a modern name for a girl

Aarya: This name is suitable for a girl and a boy, it is a name of Goddess Durga and Parvati

Aashna: It means someone who is beloved, and of course your daughter is

Adya: It is a unique and stylish name which means first power


Bhagyashree: It is a traditional name which means fortunate.

Bhoomi: It means the earth, suits well for a girl

Bhuvi: It is a good name which means heaven. After all, your daughter is your heaven


Chandana: It is an old name that refers to sandalwood or perfume

Charu: It means beautiful, loved, and pretty. Of course, your daughter is a damsel

Chiti: It is a unique name which means love


Daksha: It also means earth and is another name for Goddess Parvati. Also, it is one of the best modern baby girl names that you can pick for your darling baby.

Dewanshi: It means divine, your daughter will definitely like this name when she grows up and understands the meaning.

Diti: It is an interesting name which means beauty, radiance, splendour, and brilliance

Drishti: It means vision. It can be understood as your daughter will be her parent’s vision or sight for the rest of their life. Such a beautiful meaning it is that your daughter will be proud.


Eshana: It is a modern name that which means desire or wish

Eshita: It means desirous. If you have always desired for a daughter and you are blessed with one then Eshita suits well

Elaheh: You must have not heard of this name before. It is a unique one which means a Goddess


Falguni: It is one of the old names which means beautiful. Also, if your daughter is born in Falgun month then the name is apt.

Fulki: It means spark, a perfect name for a girl


Gita: It is a common name given for baby girls. It is the holy book of Hindus. Also the name means a poem or a song

Girija: This is another name given for Goddess Parvati. If you are a worshipper of Lord Shiva or Goddess Parvati then you can name your girl Girija. Isn’t it beautiful?

Gautami: If your daughter has come as a blessing to remove darkness from your life then Gautamimeans enlightenment.

Garima: It means warmth. Also it is a unique name.

Gangotri: It is the river in India, also the name of Goddess Ganga. If you are looking for a traditional name then you can choose this.


Himani: It is another name for Goddess Parvati. Also it means as precious as gold is. Of course, all our daughters are special. Himani sounds perfect.

Hemakshi: This unique name refers to golden eyes.

Hiranya: It means something related to gold or wealth or anything precious.


Ishika: It means daughter of god. Also, it means an achiever. Your baby girl will be an achiever when she grows. This name is sure to motivate her.

Indira: This is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. Or a prosperity. Your daughter is a blessing and so Indira is a perfect name for your daughter.


Jasmine: It is a modern name which refers to peace and fragrance

Jahnvi: It is one of the popular Indian baby girl names that have become common off lately. It is also a pretty name for a girl

Jyotsna: It means lustre or moon light. Also, it is another name of Goddess Durga


Karishma: If you are looking for a stylish name for your daughter then Karishma it can be. It means miracle or a gift from God.

Kusum: This means flower or blossom and also fire. It is an old name but is still a lovable and most chosen one.

Karina: This means pure or the dearest one, and your daughter is definitely a dear little darling.


Lovleen: Your baby girl is lovely and Lovleen suits perfect for her. It is also modern and stylish

Leela: It is another name for Goddess Durga. Also it means charming.


Malti: This means a flower or particularly jasmine. It is a traditional and also a classic name

Meeta: It is an unusual yet sweet name which means a friend

Mira: You will find this name in almost every list of Indian girl names. It means a devotee of Lord Krishna

Mrinal: This means delicate and also lotus. It is a beautiful name for any girl

Mythili: It is one of the traditional names for a girl which was a name for Goddess Sita.


Nargis: It is a unique name which refers to a flower

Nisha: It means night or dreams. Although it is a common name but it still remains a popular one

Neelam: It means a precious stone. Referring to your daughter who is always special to parents!

Nirali: It means calmness. It is a new, modern, and a meaningful name that you can give to your baby girl.


Prachi: It means East or the orient. It is a perfect and sweet name for any girl

Pratiksha: This means hope. Such a beautiful name that can be given to your daughter

Purnima: It means full moon night. A radiating name for any girl

Parul: It means graceful.


Ragini: This name has a lot of meanings such as love, music, melody. If you are into music then you can name your daughter Ragini. It can be a perfect name for her.

Rati: It means love or desire. It is a unique and interestingly sweet name for a baby girl

Radha: It is a traditional name but is still liked by a lot of people. It has many meanings such as prosperity, success, Krishna’s love, energy, and positivity

Rachana: It means a creation, and your girl is a beautiful creation for her parents. Wouldn’t you agree?

Rajani: It means the beauty of a night. How thoughtful it is!

Rameshwari: Although it is a traditional name, it means Goddess Parvati. It is still a popular name in southern part of India. A lot of parents name their daughter Rameshwari till date.


Shamita: If you are searching for a modern name then Shamita it is. It means peace and disciplined. That’s a wonderful name

Shikha: It is a unique and modern name which means flame or light or the peak of a mountain. Indeed a smart name that you can pick up for your beautiful girl

Shila: It is another interesting name which means cool and also tough as a rock

Shipra: This means purity

Sucheta: It means alert and always on toes. If you wish your daughter to be high spirited after she grows up then you can name her Sucheta. It is a wonderful name indeed.


Tara: It means a star. If you fancy stars then Tara can be a good name

Taruni: It means a positive energy


Varsha: This means rain and happiness

Varuni: It means wind or pleasant breeze

Vanshika: It is another interesting name which means lovable or positive energy.

These were some excellent Indian names for a baby girl. Some are traditional while others are modern. However, all the names are unique and have a deep meaning in them. Pick up any of the above mentioned list and name your daughter. No more stress of naming your blessed girl! Good luck in choosing the name.


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