Some Tips To Help You Choose The Right Kind Of Name For Your Child!

Some Tips To Help You Choose The Right Kind Of Name For Your Child!

Being parents can be quite a difficult task because you have to handle a lot of tasks that you didn’t have to deal with earlier. Having to raise a child requires a lot of care, patience and hard work. Any wrong move and your child mirrors that instantly. It is the initial stages of a

Being parents can be quite a difficult task because you have to handle a lot of tasks that you didn’t have to deal with earlier. Having to raise a child requires a lot of care, patience and hard work. Any wrong move and your child mirrors that instantly. It is the initial stages of a child that is the most crucial of their lives because they get to learn everything from their parents.

Having a child means you get to give them their identity where you need to name them right. Having to choose your baby’s name can be quite a time consuming decision and quite a huge responsibility as a matter of fact. Plus, you would have to agree with your spouse on those top baby names that you have in your mind!

Tips You Should Keep In Mind Before Naming Your Child

When you are coming close to what you think could be a perfect name for your child there are a few more things you should consider before you actually jump on the bandwagon and name your child. So here is a list of the things you should remember:

  1. Unpleasant associations: Before you decide on a certain name for your child try to see if the name has been associated with any sort of unpleasant associations. For example no parent would want to name their child Adolf because he was associated with the holocaust movement which is quite a dark spot in the history of humanity. So try to do your research and then finalise your decision.
  2. Famous associations: Some names also have quite famous associations. It isn’t wrong to name your child with a name that has been linked with famous associations, but try to think of how it can affect your child when they grow up.
  3. Easy To Spell: Sometimes we as parents might end up naming our child that is quite difficult to spell out or even pronounce so it is better to keep it simple. Sometimes being way too creative can complicate things so it is better to take advice from your family members or close friends to know what their reaction towards the name is.
  4. Overly popular: Sometimes naming your child with overly popular names be quite a bad move because you would not want your kid to have the same name as 10 other people so it is better to not just choose a name from the mainstream culture and sign the certificate. Choose a name that appeals to you the best.
  5. Different isn’t always cool: Sometimes we go overboard with the names that we give our children and tend to forget that being different or unique isn’t always the best idea because the name that we choose thinking that it might be unique might just turn out to be really unimpressive. Try to go through a list of Hindu baby boy names to find inspiration!
  6. Popular culture: Naming your child is quite an important endeavour so to speak since they do have to live with it for the rest of their lives so when you do get to choose the right name for your child make sure that you were not influenced by any sort of songs or films or even books and tv shows. Most of the time parents tend to name their children according to name that has been constantly used in the pop culture which becomes way too mainstream so it is always advisable not to do so.
  7. Syllables: Make sure that the name that you give your child does not have too many syllables because the more syllables it has, the easier it is to mess up the name. Instead of naming your child you don’t want it to become a tongue twister, isn’t it so?
  8. Meaning and Inspiration: When you are looking for the perfect name for your child it is important that you look at the meaning and what inspired you to name your child that way. If you want to name your child Sachin because you are a big fan of Tendulkar by all means you can do so! Sachin is quite a great Indian baby boy name.
  9. Phonetic: Most of the times names are mispronounced which is why it is better to not name your child that is phonetic. You would not want your child’s name to be mispronounced so it is better to stay away from phonetic names.
  10. Compatibility of the last and the first name: Most of the time we tend to name our children in a way where the first and the last name do not tend to coordinate at all. So it is better to think of a name where the complete name becomes a complete harmony.
  11. Sibling name: To be honest sib-sets are quite a big deal these days. Most of the parents these days want to name their twins or give a nice ring to the names to their sons. For example if you name your elder son Luv you can name your younger son Kush. If you want to match the names then make sure you choose the ones that have a nice ring to it.
  12. Origin or ethnicity: It is important that you take into consideration your origin and ethnicity when naming your child. Of course you would not want to give them a Christian name being a Hindu because that would be quite off-putting as a matter of fact.

In the last decade or so we have seen that there has been an upsurge where parents tend to give their children’s name to be something quite unique but in originality it is not so. When you want to choose your children’s name based on uniqueness it mostly results in being quite unappealing so if you are deciding on naming your child here is a list of popular baby boy names with meaning.

  1. Aghornath – This is one of the names that is given to Lord Shiva one of the three creators of our universe and is quite a suitable name for your baby boy isn’t it?
  2. Ayaansh – This means part of parents or even the gift of God. A great name to suit your beautiful boy.
  3. Aadi: This name means adornment, beautification, someone who is quite important, ornament etc. Looking at the meaning of the name you can guess how suitable it might be for your child.
  4. Manikyam: Just like the name means gem or a jewel it will be perfectly suitable for your gem of a boy.
  5. Shrinivas: This name means residence of goddess of wealth, abode of wealth which is absolutely perfect for your baby boy because metaphorically speaking they are very valuable to you, isn’t it so?
  6. Aadvya: Someone who is a charming and joyful person and when you name your child this it will be perfectly in harmony with their personality.
  7. Krithvik: Cheerful, joyful, satisfied, blessed, and always happy – great modern name for your baby boy so to speak.
  8. Aarush: Equable, Calm, Serene and we would want all those good qualities to be instilled in your baby boy isn’t it so?
  9. Reyansh: First ray of sunlight, a fitting name for the apple of your eye.
  10. Aadvay: Just like its name it means someone who is unique and distinctive.
  11. Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu’s another name this one means someone who controls the senses.
  12. Shreyas: A great name for your handsome and good looking boy would be this one!
  13. Ruthwick: Another name of Lord Shiva this one means someone who is a saint.
  14. Kritik: One of the most popular names this name was actually Lord Shiva’s son’s name. It means someone who is God’s child.
  15. Samarth: This name connotes someone who is strong, smooth, even and powerful! A great choice of a name when it comes to new baby boy names.
  16. Pransh: One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, this is perfect for your healthy boy as the name denotes someone who is full of life.
  17. Nivaan: This name means someone who has a holy soul and is righteous and just.
  18. Sathwik: Someone who is powerful, a great name for someone who can grow up to be just as powerful as his name’s meaning.

Some more names that you can choose from are:

  • Alphabet A: Aashish, Avyukt, Aayan, Aathrav, Aradhya
  • Alphabet B: Binod, Bhavesh, Bhuvan, Bijoy, Bijal
  • Alphabet C: Chandrashekhar, Chitraksh, Chinmay, Chittesh, Chyavan
  • Alphabet D: Debashish, Dhairya, Devabrata, Dhritiman, Digambar
  • Alphabet E: Ekansh, Ekalavya, Ekaaksh, Ekambar, Eashan
  • Alphabet F: Falgun, Falak, Fanibhushan
  • Alphabet G: Gagan, Ganjendra, Gandol, Giridhar, Gunvant
  • Alphabet H: Haadiya, Hirendra, Hrithik
  • Alphabet I: Indushekhar, Ishaan, Indravadan
  • Alphabet J: Jayant, Jayesh, Jishnu, Jitendra
  • Alphabet K: Kinshuk, Kirtibhushan
  • Alphabet L: Laksh, Lakshman, Lankesh, Luv
  • Alphabet M: Maadhav, Medhansh, Mihir, Mrinaal
  • Alphabet N: Nabhya, Neeladti, Neelachal, Nirmay
  • Alphabet O: Oorjit, Orion, Omesh
  • Alphabet P: Paavan, Prabal, Prabhas, Palash, Pallab
  • Alphabet R: Rajeev, Rajyashree, Randhir, Rohan, Ronav
  • Alphabet S: Saatvik, Sabyasachi, Shubhankar, Samarendra, Sohal
  • Alphabet T: Taksheel, Tarank, Tribhuvan, Tridhaman, Turvasu
  • Alphabet U: Udbhav, Uday, Udit, Ujjwal
  • Alphabet V: Vayu, Vachaan
  • Alphabet Y: Yadav, Yadavendra, Yash, Yudishthir, Yudhajeet

Most of the times it can be quite overwhelming and surreal for us to become new parents and naming our child can be one of the few challenges that comes with parenthood. But not to worry, naming your child is not a difficult task. If you follow certain tips that have been mentioned in this guide you will be breezing through the naming process in no time at all! After all your child deserves nothing but the best from you, so give him the name that will stand out of the crowd and go with his charismatic personality!


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