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Top 60 Unique Names For Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Top 60 Unique Names For Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Hearty congratulations as you have become an all-new parent. You must be excited and overwhelmed, and slightly nervous as well. That’s how a new parent feels. With a child, comes along huge responsibilities. Not to worry, everyone eventually learns with time. So, what is the first thing you have to do after becoming a mother

Hearty congratulations as you have become an all-new parent. You must be excited and overwhelmed, and slightly nervous as well. That’s how a new parent feels. With a child, comes along huge responsibilities. Not to worry, everyone eventually learns with time. So, what is the first thing you have to do after becoming a mother or a father? Of course, naming your child! Yes, it can be a tricky task as once you give a name that becomes the identity for your child for all his/her life. Hence, it is very much important that you choose a perfect name.

If you are an Indian, it becomes critical to name your child. Basically, most Indian names have their origin in religion, hence one needs to choose a correct name for the kid so that it doesn’t become difficult for the child at a later stage. Also, parents cannot name their baby girl randomly. Every Hindu religion in India has certain rituals that are to be performed and then the ‘naamkaran’ or naming the child is done. Irrespective of the religion you belong to, the name you are selecting for your kid should have a meaning and should not be funny at all.

How do you decide Hindu baby girl names?

If you are blessed with a girl child, you are truly blessed. You need to first decide the kind of name you are looking for. Whether you will choose a Hindu name or a modern name or a fusion name? Once you decide, you can go about with the research. Hindu religion focuses on divinity and worship, and they treat their girl child no less than a goddess. Some of the exclusive and traditional Hindu names that you can choose from are:


  1. Aatmaja: In Hindi, it means daughter
  2. Aashita: A hopeful daughter
  3. Abhinivesha: It basically means a winner or someone with faith and determination


  1. Bhavya: It means splendid or grand, this is a popular name
  2. Bhuvi: It means our earth, down to earth person
  3. Banhi: It is a unique name that means fire.


  1. Charita: Going towards a positive path to become a good human
  2. Chitrani: A lot of Hindu names are given after Goddesses, and this name refers to river Ganga or nature’s divinity
  3. Charu: Beautiful, best for a daughter


  1. Devishi: It is a modern name but refers to Goddess Durga
  2. Dyuti: It means light or the queen of parents
  3. Dishita: It has a lot of meanings such as focus, strength, and ambition


  1. Eila: It is a sweet term which means earth
  2. Edha: In Hinduism, Edha means sacred


  1. Grishma: It means warmth that your daughter brings in
  2. Ganika: This name refers to flower, and suits well for every daughter
  3. Giva: If you are looking for new baby girl names, then this is it. Modern and attractive.


  1. Harsika: When you want your baby to laugh always, then Harsika suits the best. It means laughter
  2. Hyma: It is one of the names of Goddess Parvati and suits well for a girl
  3. Hradini: It is a strong name which means lightening.


  1. Inika: If you are looking for a beautiful name then Inika is perfect as it means small earth.
  2. Ishanvi: When you like the name Parvati but needs a variation then Ishanvi means the same.
  3. Ishani: It is a common name which means desire. Suits perfect for a girl.


  1. Jivika: It is a traditional yet modern name which refers to source of life.
  2. Janya: When you think your daughter is a gift of God for you then Janya or life is perfect for her.
  3. Jivanta: As a parent, if you think your baby is no less than a princess then give her a royal name as Jivanta.


  1. Kshirin: This is a modern name in which K is silent. Although it is not a religious term, it means flower.
  2. Kiara: It comes from a western name which refers to dark.
  3. Kashvi: Of course, daughters are pretty and blessed. They are a glow for their parents. Hence, Kashvi or shining can be the right name.
  4. Kalinda: It is a lovely name that has a relation to mountains. It is a old yet beautiful name.


  1. Lopa: Going up in every possible way, or learning is what Lopa means.
  2. Latika: It is an old name which is exquisite and refers to a small creeper


  1. Mira: This is an evergreen name that everyone knows. Mira was a most devoted follower of Krishna. Hence, since ages, people name their daughter Mira. Other variation is Mereya.
  2. Mayra: All daughters are darlings, and Mayra means the same.
  3. Menaha: If you think your daughter will grow up and turn into a damsel then name her Menaha.
  4. Mishka: It is one of the popular Indian baby girl names which refer to gift of love.


  1. Naisha: Every daughter is special, and this name means the same. Naisha is also is a modern name.
  2. Neysa: It refers to pure and is also a western name.
  3. Neila: This means blue colour which also refers to humanity.


  1. Ojasvi: Looking for an interesting name then Ojasvi is a good name. It means glowing or bright.


  1. Paakhi: It means a bird, it is a Hindi name that is beautiful.
  2. Prisha: It is a modern name suitable for a girl.
  3. Pihu: This is another unique name which means Peahen.


  1. Ryka: This is a modern name that means something coming out from a prayer
  2. Ranya: This name means pleasing, and it perfectly fits a baby girl
  3. Rishima: The beam coming from moon is called as Rishima


  1. Saanvi: This name refers to Goddess Lakshmi. And this is a modern name that fits well.
  2. Suha: Suha or Suhana is a name that means star in the mythology stories.
  3. Sadhika: This is a traditional name that has a unique modern touch as well. It is a name of Goddess Durga.


  1. Tisya: It means holy in Hinduism. And every daughter is auspicious, hence Tisya suits the best for any baby girl.
  2. Tiya: It is another name given for a bird. As a parent if you love nature, then you can name your daughter Tiya.
  3. Tuhi: We know how sweet a bird’s voice is. And Tuhi means the same.


  1. Ura: U is not a common letter for girl names, however Ura means earth and it is perfect for any baby girl.
  2. Urmika: A small wave is beautiful to watch, and Urmika means the same.
  3. Udgita: It comes from the Bhagvad Gita that means hymn.


  1. Vaidehi: It is an old and traditional name but is still a popular name. It is another name for Goddess Sita.
  2. Vanya: Every daughter is a blessing of God, hence Vanya is the perfect name for any baby girl.
  3. Viti: It is a soft yet excellent name for a girl which means light. It is a special name for any baby.


  1. Yutika: It imeans flower, and it is a classy and lovely name for any girl.
  2. Yashashvi: This name is a traditional name which means fame.

The above mentioned are just a few baby girl names with meaning from the Hindu diaries. Choose any beautiful name you like for your darling newly born daughter and surely, she will love it all her life. The names are not just names, they have an in-depth meaning behind and so pick the ones and create a short list before you make any final decision.

Points to keep in mind while picking a name for daughter

  1. Always make sure not to choose a funny name for your girl. A name is something that stays even after the death of a person, hence it should be apt. Funny names can bring many embarrassing situations in your kid’s life and she may scold you all her life for this.
  2. It is better if your kids name has a connection with yours or your spouse’s. This way, it becomes easy to explain anybody about your family’s story and inspire every individual. Hence, choose a name that has a rhythm or other uniqueness.
  3. Traditional or modern name: There is always confusion in making a decision between a traditional name and a modern name. There is nothing right or wrong in this. Choose any but make sure it is not so common.
  4. You can have nick names for your baby girl, there are no restrictions in this. You can keep any sweet and lovable name in any language.
  5. Make sure that you and your spouse both are happy with the final name selected for your daughter. Sit down, discuss, and then finalise a perfect name for your darling.

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