9 Vastu Tips For Home To Maintain Flow Of Positive Energy

9 Vastu Tips For Home To Maintain Flow Of Positive Energy

 How would you design your home with according to vaastu shastra? Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which can even be aforementioned to be an ancient philosophy for designing any structure that facilitates to make one’s live better. When Vastu principles are correctly applied, many fruitful things, such as wealth, health, etc can be

 How would you design your home with according to vaastu shastra?

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which can even be aforementioned to be an ancient philosophy for designing any structure that facilitates to make one’s live better. When Vastu principles are correctly applied, many fruitful things, such as wealth, health, etc can be achieved in life without any difficulties. Basically, people opt for this discipline to form a balance within the atmosphere to make the house a home in order to seek solace, comfort and good luck for their family. Also, since it is one of the most important assets for us, we are always concerned about protecting it from negative energies surrounding us. Old houses can install some vaastu arts in their homes, and if you building a new home then consult with the vaastu experts before you start the project. They can suggest you the right suggesting to sketch the layout for your home.

9 Vastu Tips For Home To Maintain Flow Of Positive Energy

However, you should know that it is not a magic wand that will change your life rapidly. No doubt, it will affect your life but slowly. Although almost all buildings are designed as per Vastu, there are some Vastu Shastra tips for home that we can follow to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness in life.

  1. Make the entrance door auspicious: A beautiful door designed as per Vastu tips for home brings wealth and prosperity. According to the Vastu for home, the entrance door of a house should be installed in either North or East direction. The door should be made of solid wood. You should also not be keeping shoe-rack here as it is believed that such things block positive energy from entering the house. Also, having a nameplate at the entrance is a good idea as it indicates the ownership of the house and also brings positivity. Apart from that, you can also hand some lucky bell or wind-chains at your main entrance to prevent negative energy.
  1. Compound wall as per Vastu Shastra for home: Whether it is a commercial or residential building, compound wall is an important part of construction according to the Vastu Shastra. Without a compound wall, the completion of construction remains incomplete in terms of Vastu for house. Also, making this wall before starting the construction of a house is not considered good as it is believed that if the wall is made before the house is constructed then it can cause many inconveniences and difficulties in future.
  1. Do not keep the entrance wall naked: If there is a wall at the entrance of your house, then avoid keeping it naked instead you can hang pictures or paintings depending on your taste. This is because naked wall represents loneliness and also brings negative energy in home. You can also install some small fountain at your main entrance to bring positive energy, and you can consult with some vaastu experts to get some vaastu arts for your house.


  1. Design your bedroom as per Vastu tips: Bedroom is the place where an individual finds privacy and relaxation to attain energy for the next day. Therefore, Vastu Shastra for bedroom is important. According to the Vastu Shastra for home expert, the master bedroom should be in the South-West corner of the house and bigger than other rooms of the house. Apart from that, master bedroom should be used by a couple and you must allot another bedroom for the head of the family. If you have any bedroom in your north west corner then allot those rooms to your unmarried children.

Direction for other parts of the room:

The bed in the room should be placed in the same direction as the room so that directions for sleeping in bedroom can be followed correctly. If you are willing to install an attached bathroom or changing room in your bedroom then make sure it is in the West or North direction.

  • The entrance door of the room should be in East, North or West direction. Also, ensure that you install a single shutter door and one that does not make a sound when you close or open it. Apart from that, do not place any god or goddess in your main bedroom and do not install any mirror beside your main bed.
  • Windows can be installed in East or North direction and wardrobes, shelves, etc are placed in the South-West corner of the room.
  • If you want a dressing table with a mirror on it then ensure that your body parts are not visible in it while sleeping on bed, otherwise that body part may develop medical issues.
  • Avoid installing electronic gadgets, such as TV, laptops in your room, if you cannot resist then make sure they are placed in the South-East direction.
  • Do not use white and yellow colored marble stones in the bedroom if it is to be used by a newly-wed couple.
  • You can also install a bagua outside of your bedroom in order to block negative energies from entering the room.
  1. Painting the walls of the house according to Vastu can bring balance to the minds and bodies of the inhabitants. Therefore, it is important to coordinate the house wall colors with the colors of planets. This will increase the flow of positive energy in the house.

Tips on choosing the right colors for every room in the house:

  • Bedroom: Light colors, such as gray, rose, blue, green, pink are ideal for bed rooms. Such colors keep the room comfortable and provide good night’s sleep. When it comes to choosing the flooring, pink or white colored tiles are the best choice.
  • Kitchen: Colors like white and blue are suitable for kitchen walls and flooring, also you should add a tinge of red to make it look striking.
  • Bath room: Light shades, such as white, gray, pink or any pastel shades go well in bathroom according to the Vastu Shastra.
  • Children’s room: You can opt for bright shades, such as pink, blue, orange, or yellow for your kid’s room.
  • Guest room: To create a pleasant atmosphere in your guest room, opt for light shades of colors like yellow, blue, orange, green, or lavender.
  • Study room: In order to concentrate on studies prefer colors, such as blue, green, light purple. These colors also prove helpful in improving memory of an individual.


Install an aquarium in house: Bringing home an aquarium can fill it with positive energy. However, ensure that the fishes you put in the aquarium are strong swimmer and you should keep your fish tank neat and clean. If moving fishes are kept in the aquarium, they are said to bring wealth. The ideal place to install the aquarium in home is the north-east direction. It is suggested to put some golden fish in your fish tank to gain positive energy.

Design your kitchen as per Vastu techniques:

Kitchen is the place where food is cooked and the same food is consumed by the inhabitants to stimulate energy. This energy is considered the positive one and that is the reason why it makes you feel happy and contented.

According to Vastu, fire and water are the two main elements that play a vital role in the overall functioning of the place. If they are not properly controlled, your kitchen can start to provide negative energy rather than positive one. The negative energy is said to affect an individual physically as well as mentally. As a result, you will lose your health you will start to become frustrated. Apart from health loss, it can also cause financial loss, where your credits can go up and down, and it can even make you bankrupt. Therefore, it is imperative for a house owner to make his or her kitchen as per Vastu Shastra techniques so that it can enhance positive energy and eliminate negative energy.

Vaastu tips for your home:

  1. Keep window glasses of your house clean as per Vastu tips: Keeping your home’s windows clean is important as they attract positive energy in your home and to your life. To enhance the beauty of your house as per Vastu, you can create a small garden outside the window and pave the path with pebbles, marbles, etc. You can also install a water fountain in the north-east direction of the house.
  1. Hang the paintings and pictures on wall according to Vastu Shastra: As you know paintings and pictures play an important role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them as per Vastu can further increase the flow of positive energy in the house. The painting showing the view of river brings good luck, wealth and prosperity to one’s house and life. It is said, the larger the painting will be, the more positive energy it will attract.

Also, natural lights and fresh air are considered important in Vastu practices because they bring in wealth and health to one’s life. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you house gets enough amount of natural light and fresh air.


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