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Vaastu Shastra is an age-old art form about interior and exterior decoration of different places to balance the flow of negative and positive energies. As per different experts and room designers, Vaastu is a scientific application of designs and decorations which brings positive impact on everyone’s life. People, who follow Vaastu in decorating their homes,

Vaastu Shastra is an age-old art form about interior and exterior decoration of different places to balance the flow of negative and positive energies. As per different experts and room designers, Vaastu is a scientific application of designs and decorations which brings positive impact on everyone’s life. People, who follow Vaastu in decorating their homes, have always felt the strong presence of positive vibes around them. Not only that, now have people decorated their office with vaastu compliant and they find some positive energy as well as success in their business with these vaastu shastra arts. But without any effort, people cannot achieve the goal and vaastu shastra can help them to sustain the success for longer period only.


How would you make your office vaastu compliant?

Vaastu Shastra is not only relevant for decorating homes but it is helpful to decorate your workplace also. Vaastu for office decoration has gained immense popularity in the last couple of years. In the early days, people mostly worked from their homes. Like the private money lenders used a significant room of their own house as their private offices. Farmers and those who are related to farming also used their houses for storing grains and other farming products. As the civilization has advanced people have been forced to move their workplaces away from their houses and create separate working places. At this point of the changeover, the ardent followers of Vaastu have started to create a separate chapter in the field about the perfect design for offices.

An office is meant to be a place of success and prosperity so it is very important to create a steady flow of positive energy to the area. Apart from earning money from the business, you need to create a healthy environment where creativity and perfection and prosper can make your business more successful. There are some vaastu art pieces available in the market and if you using an old office then you can use such art pieces in your office rooms. But it is always recommended to change few things of your office to make it vaastu compliant, like you should maintain your office to keep them neat and clean, you should not place any god or goddess on the west corner because this is a corner of fire, and you must install ample amount of windows to access natural lights because natural lights can brighten your office with natural energy.

#25 vaastu tips for office:

Here are some important Vaastu tips for office decoration if you are planning to redecorate your workplace or need to build a new one.

  1. Offices are meant for services so it is beneficial to build your office in a public place than in an isolated place. A crowded place as its own cacophony which is a great source of positive vibes in your office.
  2. The entrance of your office should face either north or north-east or north-west side. Northside is considered auspicious for this purpose. It will bring good luck and positive vibes to your office.
  3. North is the direction of “Kuber”, the god of money and wealth. So facing the north side is auspicious for your cabin.
  4. East is the direction of sunrise. In Vaastu, this is one of the most promising corners of all. This direction offers you growth and prosperity. So east direction is best for any office of the service industry.
  5. It is best to keep your belongings like a computer and other electronic gadgets, folders and files, and pens on the left side of your table.
  6. Do not place an idol of any god or goddess on your working table. God is considered to be a supreme being and should be worshiped in a place which is not related to daily life objects. So placing an idol of god in your table is not an act of showing respect to god as per the Vaastu Shastra tips for office decoration. Have a different place for placing the idol.
  7. It is important to keep in mind that a lengthy table can create a delay in growth. So make sure your tables are of perfect size and shape to get the most affectivity.
  8. It is important to keep your workstation clean and organized. As per Vaastu Mata Lakshmi despises unorganized and unclean places. So if you want to make a profit and a steady growth in your business then make sure your office is cleaned regularly and stay well maintained always.
  9. Other than files related to court cases, taxation and other financial matters, all the files must be stacked on the western wall of the office.
  10. Files related to finance and court cases must be stacked on the northeastern wall for the best benefit.
  11. Your work desk is meant for professional work and anything related to that. You should maintain the purpose. Gossiping and reading magazines or any other form of time passing while stilling at your working desk is considered as disrespectful towards your work. Avoid doing such things while you are at your desk. It will hamper your professional growth and overall business.
  12. Your working desk is not meant for having lunch or any other snacks. As it is already said that workstation is meant for work and business deals only. Any other work slows down the growth and it is unprofessional also. It is better to keep a separate lunch area in your office. Pantry or lunch area or café should be in the south-east corner of your office.
  13. Files related to bank matters and important papers must be stacked on the south-west corner of the office. It is wise to get a pundit to apply “Kesar” or “Kumkum Tika” on those files and the account books of the office for the best result. This ritual is auspicious and considered to bring the blessings of God.
  14. The south-west corner is a stable corner so like the bank files it is best to set your office safe and lockers in that direction. This will maintain a steady cash flow and stability in your business.
  15. On the other hand, it is best to place your accounts department on the east side of the office. Also, the department must face the side too. This will ensure efficiency.
  16. Like this, the departments of marketing and sales must be placed in the north-west part of the office and they must face the north side of the office. This area helps the employees to move towards clients who are outside the office.
  17. The south-west corner of an office is considered to be very strong so it is best to place the cabin of the head of the office in that direction. It will help the person to control and guide everyone in a positive direction and bring prosperity to the office. Also, this will help in maintaining the harmony of work.
  18. The administrative department should be placed in the south or west part of your office and it should face the opposite direction.
  19. The reception of any office is like the face of the company and depicts the nature and power of the organization. So it is better to keep the company profile at the southern wall of the reception.
  20. It is best to keep the front desk and reception area decorated with beautiful showpieces and flowers. This brings a positive vibe to the overall office area.
  21. The reception area should be built on the north-east corner of the office as the entrance of the office will be in this part. Apart from that, try to use bright and vibrant colors to paint your office to help boost the positive vibes.
  22. Reception is the first place where a relationship is formed between whoever enters the office and the company. So it will be wise to offer sweets and water to everyone coming to the front desk to create a sweet relation from the very beginning. Place someone who knows better about attending guests as a receptionist.
  23. Waiting rooms are meant to be attached with the reception area. So it is better to place them in the north-east or north-west corner of your office.
  24. Toilets are an important part of any office. It is best to have toilets in the west or north-west corner of the office. But never have it in the south-east or north-east corner of your office. It is considered to draw out the positive vibes from the office.
  25. Place pictures of beautiful places and other attractive things to keep your place bright and avoid monotony. This is also a great way to avoid office politics and other evil plots between employees.

There are the most important Vaastu tips to decorate an office. You can use ideas from the Internet to design your own office place but it is better to consult an expert in Vaastu Shastra to help you out. You can find numerous tips on Vaastu online and you can also find many experts in this field. So consult them and feel the new positive vibrat within your office.



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