Vaastu Shastra has been considered as an age-old science of designing and decorating rooms and houses. Many believe that Vaastu Shastra actually balance the energy flow in your house. On the other hand many do not believe this concept and they think that vaastu is not a scientific way to get the success and positivity.

Vaastu Shastra has been considered as an age-old science of designing and decorating rooms and houses. Many believe that Vaastu Shastra actually balance the energy flow in your house. On the other hand many do not believe this concept and they think that vaastu is not a scientific way to get the success and positivity. But one thing is very clear that this is one of the ways to decorate your home and you can choose some vaastu arts form the market for your home improvement. There are some vaastu tips which can bring success, prosperity and peace in your life, and especially you need to decorate your bedrooms with vaastu tips. You should not place your bedroom on south east corner of the main building because south-east direction can create some problems in your relationship. If you have any room in this direction then you can use it for your unmarried son or just convert it as your workplace or study room.


#6 Vaastu tips for bedroom

As per Vaastu Shastra, bedrooms are places where positive vibes are more important than any other rooms. Bedroom is a place where one retires after a strenuous day to relax and get prepared for the next day. People do expect a room suitable for sound sleep and relaxation as a bedroom. Vaastu Shastra has a full chapter about how to decorate your bedroom to make it more relaxing and beautiful. To get the full benefit of using Vaastu Shastra, you need to consult an expert Vaastu designer. Here are some important Vaastu tips for bedroom decoration in your place.

  1. As per Vaastu Shastra, the shape of an ideal bedroom should be regular like square or rectangular. If your bedroom is rectangular, then the ratio of length and breadth should be 1:2.
  2.  The master bedroom of your house should be bigger than other bedrooms and the master bedroom should be in the south west corner.
  3. If your house is multistoried then the master bedroom should be placed in the south-west corner of the top floor of your house. It will be best if the master bedroom is faced towards either south or west wall.  It is important to bring positive energy to the room as per Vaastu for bedroom.
  4. Bed should not be aligned to any corner of the room. It brings bad luck. Apart from that, vaastu always suggest to use the master bedroom by a couple because this is a perfect place to achieve privacy level.
  5. As per Vaastu Shastra, master bedroom is meant for married couples only. No bachelor can be an occupant of master bedroom. Otherwise it will bring negative thinking among the occupants of the house.
  6. Even if you have attached bathroom with your master bedroom then you have to close the door to prevent negative energy. If you have your own house then you can design your bathroom few steps away from your bedroom.


#5 Directions of sleeping in bedroom according to the Vaastu Shastra:

The direction of bed placement and sleeping is really important as per Vaastu Shastra. These are important to make a beautiful bonding between husband and wife and enhance the positive energy in your bedroom. Here are some basic Vaastu Shastra tips for bedroom about the sleeping positions.

  1. If you are sleeping with your feet towards east, then you will be bestowed with name, reputation and richness.
  2. Keeping your feet towards west while sleeping gives you mental strength and fondness to enhance your spiritualism and create a mental harmony with your life-partner.
  3. Feet towards north while sleeping can bring prosperity in your life.
  4. South is a direction where one should always place his or her head not feet. Keeping feet towards south is considered as bad luck and can bring many negative impacts in your life. Like you can have bad dreams every time you sleep with your feet towards south and do not get a sound sleep. You will not feel happy from inside. Solemn you will be happy about something. You will have bad thoughts.
  5. It is said that south is the direction of Lord “Yamma”. So in case you sleep with your feet towards south you will face mind sickness and get stressed easily. Also there is a huge possibility that your life span can get shortened.


#20 ways to decorate your bedroom according to vaastu shastra:

A master bedroom should always have an attached bathroom and a changing room. For having a bathroom or change room attached with your master bedroom west or north side of the room is a perfect corner.

  1. The bathroom should never face the bed in the room directly. It brings negative impact on the occupants of the room.
  2. The entrance of any bedroom should be made either in the north or east or west wall of the room. The entrance door should be a single shutter door and make sure that it creates no noise while opening and closing. It will simply hamper the sound sleep of the occupants.
  3. Make sure that the bedroom must have windows only in the north or east wall of the room.
  4. Avoid keeping electronic gadgets like computers, mobile phones in your bedroom. It is said that these electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic waves which can create imbalance among the energies in your bedroom.
  5. Make sure to keep the south-west corner of the bedroom occupied. It is auspicious as per Vaastu Shastra. You can keep the large almirahs or cupboards or wardrobes in this corner of the room to keep the space occupied.
  6.  Always keep your safe or locker on the south wall and make sure it opens towards the north wall. This will ensure prosperity and richness. You should avoid any other corners of your room to place your safe. It is best for you not to place the safe in your bedroom. Keeping it away from bedroom ensures sound sleep and a relaxing atmosphere.
  7. If you have a dressing table then you can place it on the north or east wall of your bedroom. It is not important whether the dressing table has got a mirror or not.
  8. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, then make sure that your image while sleeping is not reflected in that mirror. You can use a cover to wrap up the mirror to avoid such condition. Otherwise you can face medical problems regarding that body part.
  9. Ideal bedroom should be gadget free. Though it is hard to do so but this list also has names like television set, music systems, heaters and laptops. So you can install such gadgets in the south east corner of your room.
  10. Room decoration is quite important to make your bedroom decent and relaxing. You can hang beautiful photos and paintings of different places and portraits with vibrant colours to make your room beautiful.
  11. People will encourage you to place aquariums or plants in your bedroom. But as per Vaastu, it is not a wise step to follow. No other life form is allowed in your bedroom.
  12. The bedroom in the west corner of the house is meant for the children of your house. But the master bedroom should be in south west corner only.
  13. Any unmarried person, guests and young adult can use the rooms in the east corner as per Vaastu Shastra.
  14. Do not place any bedroom in the south-east corner of your house. As per Vaastu it is not auspicious. Also it brings distance and quarreling among the family members. Also it ensures unnecessary expenditure and lot of other problems.
  15.  In bedrooms of children, the beds must be placed in south-west direction so their head will be in east or south direction.
  16. North-east direction of any house is considered for the God and worshiping the almighty. So do not place any bedroom in that corner. If you place a bedroom in this corner then you will experience sickness, unhappiness and constant crisis.
  17. Even you place a married couple in that room they will face health issues and other problems.
  18. To paint your bedroom you must use elegant and beautiful colours like gray, light rosy pink and rosy red, light blue or chocolate brown, light green. Such colours bring happiness in your room.
  19. Centre of any house is the nerve point of that family. It is best to place a family room there but not a bedroom. It will have no proper ventilation and no connectivity with the outside world. So no energy flow will happen to that room. Occupants will face immense pressure of negative energies there.
  20. Never use any kind of marble to make the floor of your room. White or yellow, any colored marble is of no good for bedroom floors. It draws out from body. Especially not in the bedroom of any married couple.


Lighting has a different aspect for bedrooms. You can use light on any wall of the room but make sure you have soft light source to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room.


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