Vastu Shastra Tips For Kitchen

Vastu Shastra Tips For Kitchen

One of the basic necessities of life is shelter and nowadays renting these shelters can be very expensive. Hence, many people are opting out of constructing new houses in the area available in order to make their life easier. But building a new house is no small task and there are many things to be

One of the basic necessities of life is shelter and nowadays renting these shelters can be very expensive. Hence, many people are opting out of constructing new houses in the area available in order to make their life easier. But building a new house is no small task and there are many things to be considered. Once you buy the land, the next question is how the design will be. In this case, normally you call an architecture who will sketch the layout of your house. But, some people also consult with Vastu experts before constructing a house because vaastu experts can suggest you some basic things such as direction of each room and bathroom, direction of sewage lines and garden, and they can also help you to sketch the layout of your house with all positive impacts.


What is Vastu Shastra?


It is a Sanskrit word that translates to science of architecture. It combines astronomy, astrology, architecture and science.


This study actually tells about the rules of layout, design, spatial geometry, space arrangement, ground preparation and measurements of any building. The purpose of this study is to make the house in such a way that the house is in harmony with the nature. It does so by using what the nature provides in the most efficient way possible.


It carries in itself the beliefs of Hindu and sometimes Buddhist people. It is considered to be an essential part of building a house, and it is believed that the right Vatsu Shastra can bring happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to life of house owners.


16 Vatsu tips for kitchen


Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of any house. It is the place which is governed by fire and that is why it is essential that one takes care about the kitchen designs.


  1. Direction of kitchen: Ideally, it should be South East as that is the best place for fire element. But in case this is not possible, then the other alternative is the exact opposite direct, i.e. North West. These are the only two places where kitchen should be made as per the vatsu.


  1. Cooking stove placement: The cooking stove is the most used part of kitchen and you should install the benchtops in your kitchen according to the vaastu shastra only. When the person is cooking in the kitchen, ideally he or she should be facing to the East. Hence the stove should be kept in south east direction.


  1. Placement of Water sink: The water sink is supposed to as far away from the kitchen as possible. The direction in which it should be kept is North East. Apart from that, maintaining kitchen is essential and you should keep your kitchen neat and clean. Do not place any waste bin inside the kitchen because this is a place of cooking and waste bins can spread some germs inside your kitchen.


  1. Placement of Kitchen Windows: The larger windows need to be kept at the eastern side of the kitchen. On the other hand, the small ventilators should be placed at the southern side of the kitchen. Ample amount of natural lights should be entered in your kitchen, and natural lights along with fresh air can keep your kitchen fresh and hygienic.


  1. Placement of Taps: Every kitchen needs a set of taps for water supply. Normally, you need the taps near the sink and that too should be installed in the same direction as the sink, i.e. north east.


  1. Placement of Dining table: As for dining table, it is important to note that it should not be kept in the middle of the kitchen. It is considered bad according to Vastu. Instead, you should keep it in the North West direction of the kitchen which would make it exactly opposite of the sink.


  1. Placement of electronic appliances: Another prominent part of the kitchen is the electronics. With modern era, the electronic devices used in the kitchen, such as microwave, oven, mixer, grinder. These should be placed in the south west direction of the kitchen.


  1. Direction of Water flow: Even though the kitchen is the place dictated by fire, it does utilize the water element and the water flow direction also is important. In order to ensure prosperity, water flow should be from South West to North West.


  1. Placement of Door: When it comes to the entrance door of the kitchen, there is only one condition that needs to be met at all times. That is, the door of the kitchen should not face the door of the bathroom. This is strongly suggested in the Vatsu.


  1. Placement of Geyser: Nowadays, the trend of adding a geyser into the kitchen has picked up pace. It can be a compact, small geyser or a big geyser but whatever the size, when it comes to placement, it should be placed at the south east side of the kitchen.


  1. Placement of Cylinder: Another thing that should be placed in the south east direction of the kitchen is the cylinder of the gas. It should be kept in that corner only.


  1. Bathroom position with respect to the kitchen: The kitchen and bathroom should be as wide apart as possible, the bathroom should not be adjacent to the kitchen and there should not be any kitchen above or below the bathroom as well.


  1. Placement of Dishwasher: If you are planning to add a dishwasher into your kitchen, then the optimal direction for this particular equipment should be North West side of the kitchen.


  1. Placement of Exhaust fan: There are two places where one can install the exhaust fan. One is at the top of the south wall and the other place that one can use is the North West corner of the kitchen.


15 Placement of Fridge: Another important aspect of the kitchen is the fridge and that should be kept at the south west direction of the kitchen.


16 Other eatables: When it comes to pulses, food grains, utensils and overhead almirah, the placement should be only southern and western walls at acceptable. There should be no such thing at the eastern and southern wall.



The vatsu shastra tips for kitchen should be taken rather seriously and it should be made sure that the entire thing works out in a proper manner. To recapitulate, the things that needs to be taken care of in case of vatsu shastra are the direction of fridge, dining table, dishwasher, geyser, door, windows, cooking stove, other eatables, exhaust fan, cylinder, water flow, electronics, face of the user while cooking and sink. Another thing that is taught in Vastu for kitchen is the recommended color scheme.


Benefits of Placing things in the kitchen as per Vastu


  1. Happiness: The first thing to consider is that good vatsu is normally associated with happiness in the family. It is a cardinal desire of every human being to be content and happy with life. When things are placed in the right order, they result in the best times of the person’s life.


  1. Health: If certain things are placed in certain directions, then the health of the individuals in the house can deter. In some cases, the health of the females might be affected, in other cases; health of male members in house may also suffer due to incorrect placement of certain things in the kitchen. So before installing anything in your kitchen, you must consult with a vaastu expert.


  1. Prosperity: A certain bunch that strongly believes in Vatsu is a business class. This is purely because the right Vatsu can actually help you prosper in life and make your life filled with wealth and health. In business, it helps an individual in achieving profits as well. So if you have any pantry or kitchen in your office then you must follow the same rules to decorate your office kitchen.


  1. Spirituality: Another thing that this vedic science does for you is that it gives you spiritual peace. It makes you feel closer to god and gives you a chance to unleash your potential in real life. This in itself can be very important for every human being.


The five things in the Vatsu that play a pivotal role in a human’s life are gravitational force, solar energy, lunar energy , spiritual energy and cosmic forces. All these are taken into consideration when it comes to the Vatsu Shastra. The Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are the elements of individuals and there is a need to cater to these elements. The Vatsu puts the world’s forces in harmony of the elements of the humans.


In case, you are facing certain problems in the house, you should consult with a vatsu expert. When it comes to problems like failure in the work, fights in house or other problems, it can be resolved by changing the interior of the house. Vatsu is a form of science and should be taken that way. So you can easily consult with a vaastu expert in this regard and they can help you to design your house in a better way.


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